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Plumbing Tips

November 23rd, 2011 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

South Bay Plumbers, Orange County Plumbers, and Silicon Valley Plumbers  want to share how we fix, a common problems that we see everyday on the job.

1. Make sure outside faucets aren’t dripping or leaking. Make the necessary repairs or call a plumber before freezing temperatures arrive. Be aware that when pipes freeze, water pressure builds causing cracks – no matter if the pipe is made of plastic, copper or steel. Even a tiny crack can unleash enough water to cause serious damage or flooding.

2..Seal leaks around doors and windows to reduce cold air penetration.

3. If your home is equipped with interior shut-off valves leading to outside faucets, close them and drain water from outside lines.

4.Your water heater works harder during winter months. Flush it out and remove sediment buildup, which causes corrosion, shortens life span and reduces heating efficiency. Care for water heaters, could be contingent on the model and make of your heater, make sure to check the website of the distributor for specific tips.

5.When leaving home for extended periods, shut off the main water valve and drain the system by opening faucets at the highest and lowest points of the house. Make sure the heat is left on and set no lower than 55°F.
Beware! These tips are intended for homes that will be inhabited throughout the winter months. Additional steps should be taken to winterize vacation properties that will be left unattended for weeks or months at a time.

6.Carefully test the water heater’s pressure relief valve (Danger: water is very hot) by lifting up on the lever and letting it snap back. The valve should allow a burst of hot water into the drainpipe. If not, call a professional to have a new valve installed. Caution: if your water heater is more than five years old and the pressure relief valve has never been tested, you can actually cause a leak by testing older valves that have corroded or stuck seals. A plumber should be consulted.

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