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Top 4 Plumbing Marketing Tips To Grow Your Plumbing Business

December 6th, 2011 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Enjoy the top four plumbing marketing tips!  Let’s hear some of your comments below.

#1. Leverage the internet. Yellow Pages and newspaper ads no longer work. And at the time of this writing, there are 10,000 people searching for the term “plumber Los Angeles” every month, according to Google’s research tool.Plumbing Internet Marketing

People don’t open a phone book to find businesses anymore.  They go online or they use their cell phone to find a plumber.

When’s the last time you flipped through the yellow pages to look up a business? (Probably, years ago) And when’s the last time you went online to find the address or phone number of a business? (Probably, today)

So how do you get on the internet and get your business in front of these thousands of people looking for your plumbing business service? Here are some tips.

  • Start A Blog – Begin posting useful content with tips, info, and other helpful ideas for people needing assistance with their heating and air conditioning inside their home or office.
  • Use Keywords –  (terms that people are typing into Google to find your services) within your blog articles, so search engines can recognize and list your website for people to find it.
  •  Build Links - Search engines want to see if other websites have links pointing to your site. Google sees them as ‘votes’. So if there are many other websites that are pointing to your site, your search engine ranking goes up.
  • Get Reviews. Encourage happy customers to write your plumbing business reviews on Yelps, Google, and Yahoo.  This builds your credibility in search engines and people looking to hire a plumber.
  • Be Social – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are massive platforms for you to advertise and market your plumbing business.

#2. Get over fear of having too many lead’s. There’s really no such thing. I hear this from plumbers and plumbing business owners from time to time, and I find it funny. They have a fear of having too many prospects offering them money for their product or service.

Either they really can’t handle that many clients at a time, or they’re simply using that as an excuse to limit their investment, because they still see plumbing marketing and plumbing advertising as a cost unfortunately.

Plumbing Marketing Leads

Too Many Leads

Look at it like this.  They are searching for your plumbing services…So what’s the difference if you have to turn them away, or if they find some other Plumbing service before yours? Wouldn’t you want them to find your plumbing business first and then you can tell them you are busy (higher end service and higher cost) and refer them to someone else. They will come back to you based upon your professionalism and credibility. You will be amazed. (I know, I only work with the best plumbers.)

#3. Find strategic partners. What this means is, you can partner up with someone who’s already doing business with the prospects you want to target.

If it’s someone that is in a related niche or industry, your Plumbing service can be a great compliment to what they offer. (Roofer, Painter, Electrician, etc)

Give them a percentage or a set fee for each new customer they refer to you. It’s easy income for them, and you leverage their efforts to bring you clients.

Think of some industries that are related to plumbing and plumbing services and how you can find people to strategically partner up with. You could even cross promote each other’s services instead of paying them any money.

Billion-dollar enterprises were built using this strategy!

#4. Become an authority in your industry. This includes giving useful tips and information (having your own plumbing blog on your website is great for this), speaking engagements, writing and publishing a book, writing articles, and getting interviewed on the news, on the radio, or on tv.

Just make sure you give value and don’t simply pitch people. If they want more info, provide them with your contact info so they can become your customer. What does positioning yourself as a trusted authority do for you? Clients come looking for YOU! You’re now the hunted instead of the hunter. (Just think, how did you find this article)

A great book to read on this subject is “Become a Recognized Authority In Your Field In 60 Days or Less” by Robert Bly.

Thanks for reading!

This a lot to consume… especially since you’re already so busy running your Plumbing business. Hire an expert or a team of experts in plumbing marketing!

But the bottom line is, if you’re not on the internet or you’re not seeing results with your online marketing, you could be dead in the water soon.

We’ll clarify all this for you, and help you with your online plumbing marketing efforts with a free, no-obligation consultation and analysis on how you can get more leads and customers using the internet.

Contact us today by clicking here. We’re here to help. Also, comment below and we may feature your plumbing business.

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