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5 Common Plumbing Marketing Myths

December 28th, 2011 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

It can be a shock to learn this:

What separates successful plumbing companies from those who struggle is rarely technical competence. Nor the accounting software, or the latest tools, plumbing trucks, or inventroy management. Those all help but don’t drive cash flow. 

What seperates success plumbing companies from failure is really simple: Leads, sales and profits. 

Profits come from sales. Sales come from leads. Leads come from…marketing. Beware of the following marketing myths. 

1. Good Marketing is ExpensivePlumbing Advertising and Plumber Marketing

Since it costs the same to run a bad plumbing ad as a good one, bad plumbing marketing with poor results is actually more expensive. ACTION STEP: “Targeting” your plumbing market and message pays off. The best targets are proven buyers such as your customers, past customers and customers of the other home services. 

2. To Get More Leads, Advertise Low Prices

Balony. Low price ads get price shoppers, who are harder to close and have poor loyalty. Who wants that? ACTION STEP: Generate high quality leads from target lists (item 1) and choose other targets based on a)age of home b) age of homeowners c) income level. Look for targets  that are most like your current best customers. 

3. Plumbing Marketinig to the Broadest Audience Brings the Best Results

This advice usually only works for the person “selling” the broad audience! This is how cheap Internet directories,Yellow Pages, and “card deck” mailer sells. (Any good results from those lately?)

Forget ‘broad’ and go ‘deep’. ACTION STEPS: Don’t look at “cost per contact” but at “cost per lead”. Tight messages and targets with seasonal “timing” are best, usually starting about 21 days before peak season, then reduce your marketing as the weather forces more leads your way.

4. The Internet is the Best Source of Cheap Leads

Cheap traffic maybe, but converting them is another story. Social Media is cheap, but can expend much time for good plumbing lead generation. Email “purchased” lists are a bad idea if you like your reputation. ACTION STEPS: Get email and cell phone numbers from all of your customers, starting now, in every contact method you have. Request the “forward” emails and their “friend” or “like” your social pages. Quality over quantity.

5. No Need to Invest Plumbing Marketing Money on Customers You Already Have

Maybe the person who believes this has never heard of “repeat business” or “referrals” (hard to get referrals from NON customers!) Maybe they don’t know your competitors are constantly trying to nab these same customers. ACTION STEPS: Existing customers buy faster, close higher prices and refer readily if re-contacted through regular, scheduled communication. Implement a customer retention program that runs automatically and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

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