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Customer Retention Program

February 15th, 2012 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Why customers leave your plumbing company?

The best advice for plumbing companies.

Look at these two figures: 71% of your lost customers left your plumbing company for ONE reason.

“You weren’t there but your competition was.”

4% Passed away or moved out of the service area. Can’t help you with this one.Plumbing Customer Retention

9% Had an unsolved complaint. They didn’t feel they had enough “connection” do your company to let you resolve it.

16% Took a competitor’s offer. Sales killer! These came out of your database from your customers.

55% Left doe to your “indifference”. Translation: You never showed them you cared if they stayed or not! You may say you “care” about customers, but how do you prove it?

You spend a lot of money to get phone calls and book plumbing projects. Why lose them for free?

Bottom line: Customers don’t want a ‘fix and forget’ plumbing company. They want a quality plumbing company who does more than talk customer service, they prove it with a customer retention marketing program. Customer retention doesn’t cost, it pay returns. Contact us and we will implement a customer retention program for your plumbing business.

The Wall Street Journal provided this analysis. The top generating advertising media was email marketing. The Wall Street Journal studied email response rates versus postal mailings and found a 54% better response in email marketing.

P.S. Don’t tell your plumbing competition! They think ‘no one emails anymore!’ but that means less competition in the inbox.

Check out this product we recommend. It is called Customer Lobby

Share your customer retention program in the comments below.