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Promote Your Plumbing Business

April 22nd, 2012 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

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Plumbing Magnets For Plumbers



For a plumber, advertising and marketing the business is a vital aspect of generating revenue. Popular and most effective promotional products that can be used to generate income for your business are refrigerator magnets. Follow the steps to learn how refrigerator magnets can be used as a best promotional tool to grow your business.

Step 1

Go with affordable option. You don’t need to go with a high-priced magnet in order to promote your business. The fact is, any magnet that will actually stick to metal will do the trick. You can get promotional magnets through online promotional distributors costing anywhere from 19¢ to over $1. Go with a business card magnet (which is comparatively cheaper), 2″ x 3.5″ size (often referred to as the ‘standard business card magnet.’) And of course, make sure you purchase thousands of them to get the best price break!

Step 2

Be Creative and Include important information on your promotional magnet. The best way to ensure that people keep your promotional magnet and don’t just toss it is to include information on the promotional magnet that customers would consider handy. Pizza delivery restaurants always use promotional magnets that include a toll-free ordering phone number. That way, people can easily look to the side of the fridge when they’ve got a hankering for a pizza pie, instead of hauling out the phone book. Make your magnet useful and your promotions will be more of a success. (You may always want to consider including an annual calendar on your magnet, with your business information at the bottom. Everyone needs a calendar, and people love one that doesn’t take up too much room!)

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Step 3

Make your magnet useful! Add a calendar to your plumber’s business card magnet. What if the plumber’s promotional magnet had a center that snapped out to a frame, so that a child’s school picture could be hung from the fridge – that would be fun and useful! Give people a reason to want to keep your promotional magnet handy, even if they don’t need a plumber today, your business information is always in easy reach. You can also include a clip on a magnet that holds notes and lists. Any promotional magnet that has a second use will be better received by your customer base and therefore, more likely to be saved and displayed to promote your business!

Step 4

Distribute magnets to everyone. The key to using magnets as a promotional product is making sure that everyone and their dog has one (and I’m not kidding). Give out promotional magnets to all current clients, potential clients, friends of clients and even the competition’s customers. The more people who have one of your promotional magnets, the better your chances are of promoting your business and reaping the rewards of increased profits.

Remember! Marketing your business is not an expense but an investment in long term. Get your own plumber magnets from

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