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4 Easy Ways to Market Your Plumbing Company

February 6th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


When you own a plumbing company it is only natural that you will want to grow plumbing business.  When looking for ways to expand and market your plumbing company there are some easy and low cost ways to effectively market your plumbing company.

1)      Social Media

Yes it’s true! Everyone is using social media these days, and not just for social reasons. Making platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn very effective tools to market your plumbing company! The best part is they are virtually free and have the capacity to reach millions of people. The key is to stay active and post relevant and unique information.  The more you grow your social media networks the more exposure you will have to market your plumbing company.

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2)      Networking

Networking with other service professionals is a great way to grow plumbing business and market your plumbing company. They give you referrals, you give them referrals. You win, they win, and so does your customer.  Customers are more likely to choose a service professional when they receive a personal recommendation from a trusted source.  This not only helps your networking partners but help you create a customer for life.


3)      Current Customers

Another way to gain referrals for and market your plumbing company is to maintain constant contact with your current customers. Newsletters, referral programs, points, and promotions are great ways to stay connected. If you provide an invaluable service to them and they come across someone who needs plumbing services, they are more likely to refer you a new customer; especially when you stay fresh in their mind.


4)      Your Community

Getting involved with your community is a great way to grow plumbing business and market your plumbing company. By being a part of your community you show your support and pride for your community. There are many towns around the country that are more than happy to support small and local businesses.


When you own your own plumbing company (Get Listed For Free!) it is only natural to want to grow plumbing business. The harder you work the more payoffs there will be. For more information on how to grow your plumbing company please visit www.growplumbing .com.

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