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Mr. Price Book

February 22nd, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

A lot goes into owning and operating a plumbing business. As the owner you are faced with all of the business decisions that directly affect your bottom line. Accounting, marketing, and how you price your services are all critical aspects of owning a successful plumbing business. How do you keep your rates affordable and competitive in such an ever changing economic climate?

Mr. Price Book is a highly effective service pricing tool designed to help plumbers effectively account for labor, parts, and other operating costs associated with doing business when pricing their services. By utilizing the unique pricing structure provided by Mr. Price Book, plumbing business owners can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Create ad on sales
  • Reduce negotiations
  • Build credibility with customers
  • Save time and energy

Mr. Price Book is not a flat rate pricing system but more or less a menu pricing system that is easy to use and completely customizable for your plumbing business needs. The pricing simulator accounts for the cost of materials and the typical time associated with standard repairs. All it requires is your hourly rate to customize your own pricing menu.  This allows plumber to charge rates that are fair for their customers and their business, compete in a competitive market, and it create a standard pricing protocol that is easy for technicians to understand.

Mr. Price Book benefits the customer as much as they benefit the plumber. Easy to understand pictures and descriptions make Mr. Price Book very user friendly and informative, which in return the customer really appreciates. Mr. Price Book is an effective tool in creating customers for life by:

  • Easily explaining procedures and services to customers with clear pictures and descriptions
  • Provides  easy to understand rates that eliminates the need for price negotiation
  • Ensures customers receive the proper service(s) to suit their needs
  • Demonstrates the value you provide as a service professional


Mr. Price Book has helped plumbing businesses charge fairly for their services and remain competitive at the same time. With an easy to understand pricing system plumbers have the ability to close service call 85% of the time, increasing profit margins up to 2K per technician! Best of all this unique pricing system requires very little effort on behalf of the plumber, and its value in easily demonstrated.

When building business for a plumbing company it is necessary to have the proper tools. Mr. Price Book is a great and effective way to price services in a way that is easy to understand for plumber and the customer. Completely customizable to each plumbing companies individual needs, Mr. Price Book more than pays for itself with an increase in closed service calls as well as repeat business and referrals from loyal customers.

Start using an up front price book that benefits both the customer and the technician! Buy Today!