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How to Use Twitter for Plumbing Marketing

April 16th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

When it comes to plumbing marketing you know that you need to be active on social media. Facebook you say! Yes Facebook is a great platform for plumbing marketing. It is easy to understand and virtually everyone is on Facebook, but what about Twitter? When it comes to Twitter there is a little bit of confusion on how to use it effectively and what the overall goal of Twitter is for your plumbing marketing. Let’s break it down.

Tweet This!

Summary of Terms:

  • Tweet – Status update in 140 characters or less
  • Retweet  – Reposting of someone else’s status update
  • Follow – To subscribe to someone’s Tweets
  • Followback – When someone you subscribe to “follows back” (This is how you build your network)
  • @ – This simple sign is used to include or “mention” others  in posts
  • Hash tag (#) – This is used to mark keywords
  • HT (Hat Tip) – This is a way of giving credit to a source

(These are just a few of the most common terms used on Twitter)

The ultimate goal of using Twitter for plumbing marketing is to build a network of people who are interested in the same topic, in this instance plumbing. Ultimately you should be trying to create more web traffic to your website where you can capture “leads”.

First when using Twitter for plumbing marketing you want to decipher your target audience. Once you have determined this you can start by searching for those that meet that criteria in the search bar, and start following. The idea behind following is that you follow and people follow back.

Next you want to peak interest when using Twitter for plumbing marketing. In order to gain interest you must start by providing relevant and unique content that your audience will find useful or entertaining. For example tweet about tips for unclogging drains, or tweet about a promotion you are offering. When using twitter for plumbing marketing it is important to stay active. Consistent updates are important.

As a plumber you may be more inclined to be out in the field working as opposed to on the computer updating your tweets, that’s why there are tools in place to help you. TweetAdder is a great tool to use for your Twitter plumbing marketing.  TweetAdder allows you to:

  • Search for your target audience with advanced filters
  • Increase your following
  • Setup 100% automation
  • Automate Tweets and Retweets


Hopefully this has broken Twitter’s complexity down a bit. Basically it boils down to reaching your target audience by using the search tool and following those you feel are relevant, then providing your followers with relevant and unique content, and finally maintain consistently. As will all social media sights you should always provide links back to your website. Happy Tweeting or Retweeting!

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