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How to Protect Your Online Reputation

May 21st, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


We all know that word of mouth travels fast. Good news spreads quickly but not as fast as bad news. These days the internet has added some fuel to the fire, making word of mouth spread almost instantaneously. That’s why it is so important to be aware of your online reputation! Don’t be underwater with your online reputation!

online reputation

Keep yourself afloat with your online reputation!


Now days everyone is go go go constantly, when a potential customer needs something, even plumbing service, 9 times out of 10 they take to the internet. The internet provides a place where customers can search, review, and rank service providers. Not having a good online reputation can really tarnish your ability to grow plumbing business. How to you protect your online reputation?


  • Monitor your online reputation. You have access to your business reviews online, create accounts on Yelp!, Yahoo Local, Google Places, Yellow Pages etc….better yet your business could very well already be on these sites, claim your business! It’s really simple and is worth the time because you stay on top of reviews for your business, and also ensure all your business information is correct.

  • Be Proactive with your online reputation. When you come across a review or rating that doesn’t showcase your business in the best possible light, you need to address it. Apologize to disgruntled customers and open the lines for clear communication. Often times you will find that the breakdown happened because of a failure to communicate. Work with your customers and see if there is a resolution. Often times you can reverse a bad customer experience by demonstrating your ability to make things right and ensure your customer is happy with their experience this will only improve your online reputation.

  • Encourage your online reputation. You can encourage your online reputation by asking your customers to fill out a survey and/or review your business online after you completed a job. Sending positive feedback to your business listings is a great way to boost your online reputation and generate good/positive feedback The higher your business ranks the more customers you will receive.


It is important to be involved with your online reputation, standing by and doing nothing is only going to harm your business. Keeping an eye on your online reputation and reacting to negative feedback is just a good business practice. Not only do you have the opportunity to make things right for your customers, but you can also count this as a learning experience! 


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