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Online Plumbing Marketing

June 6th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

When marketing a plumbing company there are many options: print advertising, local directories, direct mail campaigns, all of which are really great options; that being said one of the easiest and most effective ways to market a plumbing company is with online plumbing marketing. Online plumbing marketing is a great plumbing marketing choice for several reasons:

 1) It is cost effective!

 2) It is effective!

Online plumbing marketing is very cost effective for many companies. Social media is virtually free for anyone to set up an account. Some social media sites have different packages you can purchase, for example LinkedIn has different levels of membership you can purchase. For the most part a basic membership is really all you need. Facebook also allows you to advertise with them buy purchasing ads; with this type of online plumbing marketing you can set your budget and only advertise for as much as you are willing to pay. This is a very cost effective way to use online plumbing marketing, because you are very much in control of the cost, how your ad looks, and your target demographics.

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Social Media for Plumbing Marketing

 Online plumbing marketing is very effective in generating new business. The reason being is many of potential customers are already online via social media or are actively searching for goods and services at local directory sites like Yelp! and Google. With so many people already online it would be a huge mistake to not put yourself out there. Online plumbing marketing allows you to reach a broader audience that is already looking for plumbing services.

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 Online plumbing marketing is something that almost anyone can do, all it takes it a little patience and a common knowledge of how social media and search engines work. Online plumbing marketing is a great place to start when trying to grow plumbing business, because of its effectiveness and low cost. Once you have established your presence with online plumbing marketing, moving on to other forms of plumbing marketing should be a synch! For more information on online plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics please visit

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