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3 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Plumbing Website

June 27th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


In this day you realize the importance of a plumbing website. You have spent a lot of money developing a plumbing website that is top notch and aesthetically pleasing. You have all your pertinent business information readily available and you are running great specials for your plumbing business; but it doesn’t seem to be producing sales like you hoped.  You may have a fabulous website, but what is the point if you can’t get anyone to see it? This should be the driving factor of your online plumbing marketing strategy; increase traffic to your plumbing website; but how do you go about increasing  traffic to your plumbing website? Here 3 tips to help you increase traffic to your plumbing website!


  1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very effective way to increase traffic to your plumbing website. This practice involves tragically placing keywords or keyword phrases throughout the website utilizing meta tags, alt tags, body text and images. The overall outcome of using SEO is that search engine web-crawlers index your plumbing website and decipher how relevant it is based on keywords. Providing inbound links is also important for SEO as well as social media.  When it comes to SEO to increase traffic to your plumbing website it is important to learn some basic rules about SEO, as some tactics like keyword stuffing can have the opposite affect. There are also professional SEO experts you can hire to increase traffic to your plumbing website, however a little knowledge also goes a long way when looking to hire a professional; do proper research before you make any decisions on hiring a professional.

  2. Social Media Marketing is also an important part of increasing traffic to your plumbing website and also works hand in hand with SEO. The beauty of social media for your plumbing companysocial media is it allows you to seek and search specifically for your target audience. This makes it really easy to grow your following. In addition you can also network with referral partners, LinkedIn is particularly good for this reason. Once you have built up and audience via social media you must distribute your content. Engagement is part of social media and you should be updating frequently in order to engage you fans and increase traffic to your plumbing website. Which brings us to our next tip…

  3. Content is an important factor when it comes to increasing traffic to your plumbing website. Customers value good, relevant, free content they find useful and engaging. Offer plumbing tips, or plumbing specials, start a plumbing blog. Remember updating content on a regular basis is very important to keep a good flow traffic coming into your plumbing website. In addition by proving good, relevant content you establish yourself as an expert which potential customers look for. Building good content is also a key component of both SEO and social media. You can strategically implant your keywords throughout your content and distribute your content via social media.

All three of these tips work together to increase traffic to your plumbing website. If you are effectively working your SEO and social media while providing excellent content on a regular basis you will increase the traffic to your plumbing website. Just remember that good things don’t happen over night. Sometimes it may take a little while, but consistency and quality will definitely help increase traffic to your plumbing website, which in turn will help you close more sales. Remember more visits = more clicks which = more sales! 

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