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The Purpose of Hashtags and How to Use Them for Your Plumbing Marketing

July 21st, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

There has been a lot of attention as of late regarding hashtags. Facebook is the newest social media site to join the hashtag band wagon. “I see hashtags all over the place but what exactly is their purpose?” you say. We feel compelled to explain the purpose of hashtags and how to effectively use them for your plumbing marketing.

the purpose of hashtags


The general the purpose of  hashtags is to group subjects of the same topic together in a social media search on Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc.. For example if you were to search #plumbing other posts consisting of the same hashtag would appear in your search feed. In the event that someone searches #plumbing your post would materialize in their search. This is ideal for your plumbing marketing.

To create a hashtag place the hashtag before a topic without using spaces, for example to create a hashtag for plumbing company it would look like this: #plumbingcompany. This hashtag will connect your post to all other posts containing #plumbing company. Anyone can create a hashtag, and a hashtag can pertain to a variety of topics. The purpose of hashtags is to group updates about a particular topic together to make the results easier to find without searching through one’s social media stream.  Hashtags can be used for plumbing marketing by announcing a new promotion, a new plumbing trend, a new plumbing service you are offering, or perhaps a new service location.


The purpose of hashtags on twitter is to tie users conversations together so that people who are not connected can participate in the same conversation. The purpose of twitter on Facebook the same as the purpose of hashtags on Twitter, although until June did not provide links to current conversations.

As a plumber you can use hashtags for your plumbing marketing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a topic that is “trending”; which in translation means a topic that a large amount of people are talking about; for example a big news headline.  For more information on the purpose of hashtags and how to use them for your plumbing company and other plumbing marketing topics please visit


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