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You Need My Guy from Joe Cassara

July 24th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Guest Blog Post From Joe Cassara from You Need My Guy

Guest Blog Post From Joe Cassara from You Need My Guy

In his 2011 Keynote Speech at Inc’s 500 Seminar, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how we say things on social networks that we never would have picked up the phone and told our friends. “Word of mouth is the currency, and now we have the infrastructure for word of mouth to be on steroids.”

Preach it, Gary.

We all get that word of mouth is powerful. It’s almost perfect. It’s the over-the-fence talk with our neighbor that we have a relationship with that happens to be WAY more compelling to us than 5,000 random Facebook likes or 10,000 Twitter follows. And, infinitely more compelling than a flyer stuck in our door or a billboard we pass on the way to work.

Guess what? You can buy 5,000 Facebook likes for $80. Don’t believe me? Click here I don’t know about you, but gauging how good a business is at what they do based on how many likes they have doesn’t seem like such a good way of doing things.

We’re all connected to TONS of people. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc., but the problem is that when it comes to engaging these connections online.

So, how do we bring the word of mouth that we all rely on in the neighborhood or at work to an online setting? How do we actually see who the people we’re connected with do business with? was created to bring word of mouth to the web. Whether you’re looking for a plumber, graphic designer, attorney, or anyone else, what most of us really care about is who can give us a referral to their guy [or gal, of course]. On You Need My Guy, contributors [that’s you!] create an account by at least one social network, then tell the world who they love doing business with. The result is that searchers can see who their connections choose to trust, without asking them.


Get started today. We need contributors to tell us the best businesses in town. If you’re a business [really, anyone who wants a referral for something], use coupon code GROWPLUBMING to get a free premium account trial for 2 months. Click Here To Get Started

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