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Google + for Online Plumbing Marketing

August 13th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

When it comes to online plumbing marketing, social media is a key player in driving traffic to a plumbing website. It’s a great way to reach out and engaged with customers, find new customers, increase search ranking and distribute content. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top social media sites that almost every business utilizes and are a definite must for online plumbing marketing, but what about Google +?

Google + for online plumbing marketing

Author Discovery,, 08/13/2013

Google + has been around for a few years, although not really a newcomer with it comes to social media, but often overlooked for its potential for online plumbing marketing. Google + is very innovative and has a multitude of functions for not only online plumbing marketing, but also for business functions i.e.: sharing documents, calendars, conference calls etc.. Chances are plumbers may already be utilizing some of the tools offered by Google, for example Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that plumbers should be using to track the web traffic from online plumbing marketing to their plumbing website. That being said there are many other functions and benefits to using Google + for online plumbing marketing.

google + for online plumbing marketing

Pandodaily,, 08/13/2013

A while back Google replaced Google Places with Google + Local. Google + Local is designed to merge with a Google + profile and helps increase search ranking by providing pictures, reviews, and business information when a Google search is performed, making this an optimum tool to use for online plumbing marketing. Plumbers have to merge their Google accounts in order to achieve this, if a plumber had a “Places” profile their results will still be on Google + Local, but they might miss out on the benefits of merging their accounts. The ability to merge Google accounts in general just helps simplify some of the Google business apps a plumbing company may be using, by consolidating them to one platform.

A Google + profile helps with online plumbing marketing because it helps increase search ranking if optimized properly. Search results from a Google + profile allow customers to view more information about a plumbing company just within the search results, so providing good content to a Google + profile like videos, blogs, and status updates helps increase the success of online plumbing marketing. For more information on Google + and online plumbing marketing please visit

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