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Keywords for Plumbing Marketing – Tips for Implementing Keywords

August 22nd, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Last time we discussed how to choose keywords for plumbing marketing, hopefully you have been able to come with some good keywords for plumbing marketing. Deciding on keywords for plumbing marketing is only half of the battle, now lets talk about how, where, and when to implement those keywords for plumbing marketing.

Keywords for plumbing marketing should be used prevalently throughout your website. The most obvious place on your website should be within the body text. That being said simply just stuffing your keywords in the body text of your website will not do, and can even have the opposite effect; as web crawlers have adapted to this tactic. Try to create balance with your keywords for plumbing marketing, by strategically placing them. Remember to keep a good keyword density ratio.

Another place on your website you should place your keywords for plumbing marketing is with the title tags (the tags that appear on the browser tab), metta tags, alt tags, menu tabs and sub tabs. Some of these areas you can’t see or don’t really pay attention to, but web crawlers analyze all of this, making for great visibility for your keywords for plumbing marketing. If you are not sure where to locate all of these or how to implement your keywords for plumbing marketing this way, your web host should be able to help you with this.

Keywords for plumbing marketing should also be utilized through your blog. If you don’t have a blog yet, you should seriously consider starting one as blogging is a great way to engage with customers, communicate your message, and utilize your keywords for plumbing marketing. It is important to be consistent with your blog, posting new content several times a week, this is an added bonus for your plumbing marketing, because how well you rank on search engines also has to do with how often your website is updated and maintained.

keywords for plumbing marketing

When using keywords for plumbing marketing it is important to track them. You can easily do this by monitoring your analytics. This is usually provided by your web host but there are also free tools you can use for this as well, for example Google Analytics. Tacking your keywords for plumbing marketing allows you to see which keywords are successful and which ones are not. You can update and make changes as needed.

Keywords for plumbing marketing is one of the most important aspects of plumbing marketing, if you feel overwhelmed by this or haven’t garnered the results you were hoping for you can always hire a professional to help you with this. For more information on keyword for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing related topics please visit us at

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