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The Most Expensive Plumbing Repairs

August 26th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Some of the most expensive plumbing repairs occur because they were not properly repaired the first time around, or because the homeowner was simply unaware there was a problem. The most expensive plumbing repairs often come with the most headaches and stress. It is really important to have a professional plumber make repairs in a timely manner, too much of a time lapse and homeowners could end up with an even bigger and more costly repair.

One of the most expensive plumbing repairs is a leaky pipe. A leaky pipe that is not properly fixed or goes undetected can have major ramifications to a homes integrity. When water leaks can cause mold and rot damage, both of which can be hazardous to the health of the inhabitants of the home. Proper proper and timly repair of a leaky pipe can spare homeowners from one of the most expensive plumbing repairs. If left too long the homeowners may incure additional costs of drywall and other building materials to be replaced.

most expensive plumbing repairs

Go Green Drains and Plumbing,, 08/26/2013

Another of the most expensive plumbing repairs is a leaky toilet or faucet. This is not one of the most expensvie plumbing repairs because the parts are particulaily expensive, but the long term cost of a leaky toilet or faucet can cost thousands of dollars over time in water waste. Not to mention that this is not good for the environment. While some homeowners may be capable of replacing these fixtures themselves, it is always good to have a professional plumber make the installation to ensure that it is done properly.

Water heater problems are also one of the msot expensive plumbing repairs. In traditional water heaters it is not uncommon for mineral deposits to build up over time. This can cause clogs, which reduces water pressure. Traditional water heaters also may encure rust, which may affect the quality of water. A regular flush of a water heater is recommended to prolong the lifespan of the water heater. When its time to replace, tankless water heaters are deffinatly a good choice, but repalcing a water heater is deffinalty one of the most expensive plumbing repairs. When going with a tankless water heater, yearly flushes of the system will reduce mineral buildup keeping it free of clogs and running efficiently.

most expensive plumbing repairs

American Construction & Plumbing,, 08/26/2013

When it comes to expensive plumbing repairs, you really do get what you pay for. While many homeowners may scoff at the idea of the expensive plumbing repair cost, and opt to do it themsleves, they may find themselves down the road with even more expensive plumbing repairs, more cost, and more headache. The most expensive plumbing repairs should deffinalty be left to the professionals. 

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