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Plumbing Myths and Fun Plumbing Facts

September 17th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

As with many other industries, plumbing has it’s share of myths. Where do plumbing myths originate from? Most plumbing myths originate from tall tales that pass down from one generation to the next; the further removed from it’s original source the more it is accepted as fact. Here are some of our favorite plumbing myths, while some merit the truth others couldn’t be more far fetched. Comment below with your plumbing myths or fun plumbing facts and we will add it to this page!

1. Plumbing Myth – Water flushes counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere 

This is our favorite plumbing myth. As a child this was not a plumbing myth but a plumbing fact; everyone saw Bart Simpson make a long distance phone call to specifically ask this question.

plumbing myth

In reality this is one plumbing myth that simply isn’t true. The direction water drains in a plumbing fixture has to do with the shape of the sink, or toilet et.. This plumbing myth was given life by a complete misunderstanding or the Coriolis Force Effect, which is based on the Earth’s rotation. In the Southern Hemisphere the Coriolis Force Effect can effect air masses however the effect is minimal and hardly noticeable and can only be measured over long distances.


Plumbing Myth

Williams Class,, 09/16/2013

 2. True Plumbing Fact  – Varmints and rodents can crawl up the drain and into your home.

As gross as this sounds this plumbing myth really can and does happen, particularly in plumbing systems that aren’t regularly used. Rodents, cockroaches, and even snakes can invade a home through pipes, drains this can be a scary thing. To prevent this there are special traps and valves that can be installed, also consider the condition of the plumbing stack. If the seal is damaged this could be an area of entry.

 plumbing myths

3. Plumbing Myth – Ice cubes sharpen the blades of a garbage disposal

This is a common household plumbing myth. The truth is that ice does not actually sharpen the blades but instead helps remove buildup and derbies that may prevent the garbage disposal from working properly. In fact ice cubes are recommended for regular routine maintenance of a garbage disposal. To sweeten the deal you can use cut up pieces of lemon to help deodorize a stinky garbage disposal.

 4. Plumbing Myth – Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilette

This is a common plumbing myth and misconception. All though Thomas Crapper didt improve the functionality of the toilet. Once called the flushing closet this concept was actually invented by a man named Sir John Harrington. He engineered the idea of the flushing toilet and actually installed a flushing closet for Queen Elizabeth the l. The idea was patented by Alexander Cummings in 1775.

Plumbing myths can be far fetched at times, but most have some basis of truth to them. Regardless plumbing is a lot more interesting than some might think!


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