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SEO for Plumbing Marketing – Some Helpful Tips

September 23rd, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


You hear the term SEO everywhere these days, you have a fundamental grasp of the concepts, and you maybe have even employed a few SEO tactics for your plumbing website. However do you really know what it means and how to use it effectively? For plumbers SEO for plumbing marketing is an important step in getting their plumbing website ranked by Google. Here are some tips and things to avoid when using SEO for plumbing marketing.


SEO for plumbing marketing,, 09/23/2013

Personal Branding Blog,, 09/23/2013

SEO or search engine optimization strategically places specific keywords that are relevant to a plumbing company throughout their website and  content.  That being said when practicing SEO for plumbing marketing it is important to choose the keywords wisely.  Remember to 1) keep it relevant , 2) try to hone in on what terms ideal customers would be searching for, and 3) for the best results with SEO for plumbing marketing keep it local. By keeping keywords local for example; Newport Beach plumbers vs. Orange County Plumbers, you widdle out the competition who is also using Orange County Plumbers. By narrowing down keywords you broaden the chances of finding ideal customers.


Avoid keyword stuffing when using SEO for plumbing marketing. A few years ago the thought was that if you mentioned the keyword as many times as you could within a website’s content that this would allow Google to rank the webpage as more relevant based on the number of times the keyword was mentioned throughout the site. For a while this worked, but then Google caught on. If suspected of keyword stuffing Google could actually penalize a website by not ranking it or removing it from its directly completely. This is where SEO for plumbing marketing goes wrong. When using SEO for plumbing marketing the text within the website should read fluidly and not sound forced. Defiantly use keywords, but know when to stop. Remember to keep things balanced and relevant.


keyword stuffing

Don't overstuff your website with keywords

Keep keywords relevant to your business. As you will notice the word relevant is a common theme and for a good reason. When using SEO for plumbing marketing, say you decided to use a term that ranks really high for SEO but has nothing to do with your business. Web traffic will be sure to increase right? Wrong. Google strongly advises against this and so do we. The practice could not only damage your search ranking, but if by chance a customers does wander to your site, if you website it not relevant to what they are searching for then they will bounce, litterally.


SEO for plumbing marketing is an essential part of online plumbing marketing. It may take a little practice to get SEO for plumbing marketing right, but when done right it can be really beneficial. To learn more about plumbing marketing and SEO for plumbing marketing visit


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