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Why a Facebook Fan Page Should be Part of Your Online Plumbing Marketing

October 15th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


As part of your online plumbing marketing you have decided to embark on social media. Social media is great for your online plumbing marketing; its a great way to engage with customers, find new customers, broadcast information about your company, increase your web presence, and is overall an enjoyable thing to do. Facebook in particular is a must for any business, but if you haven’t created a Facebook Fan Page then you could really be missing out.

 facebook fan page

A Facebook profile is different than a Facebook fan page. Facebook fan pages were designed keeping businesses in mind. As a business, Facebook prefers that you set up a page as opposed to a profile. Pages have limited access to others profiles, and don’t have the ability to “friend” others, but has a lot of the same features as a regular Facebook profile. You can post status updates, link to your website, and participate in conversations. Facebook fan pages have “fans” or “likes” instead of “friends”. If you already have a personal profile, you can easily create a Facebook fan page for your plumbing company, and invite your friends on your profile to like your Facebook fan page. This is a great way to get started!


A Facebook fan page is more easily accessible to the rest of the world, than your profile. With privacy settings and what not some Facebook profiles might not even be visible to others, which is not good for your online plumbing marketing. To get results with your online plumbing marketing you need to make sure you have the best visibility possible. In order to view a profile, people need to be logged into Facebook, but users don’t have to be logged in to view a page, people don’t even have to have a Facebook account to view a  page. Because of this, your Facebook fan page will generate in search results (if optimized correctly). 


Another great thing about a Facebook fan page is it has a trickle down effect. When a Facebook user likes your page, their timeline gets updated with that like, and depending on their privacy settings their friends get this update in their feed. This allows for more visibility, which is the reason behind online plumbing marketing.


Your duty with online plumbing marketing is to promote your business, a Facebook fan page gives your this option. Although we don’t recommend running a paid ad on a regular basis, having the opportunity to do so is great, and every once in a while its a good idea to give your Facebook fan page a little push with a paid promotional ad.

online plumbing marketing

Want more fans? Create a Facebook fan page!


A Facebook fan page is a key element for online plumbing marketing. They are easy to set up and really help with the distribution of your content and connecting with customers or “fans”. For other online plumbing marketing tips, check out the rest of our blogs!





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