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Using Social Media for Plumbing Marketing – Understanding Your Options

November 6th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Social media for plumbing marketing can be a little confusing. There are just so many options out there when it comes to social media for plumbing marketing, how can you be sure which social media sites are the best for your plumbing company? When it comes to social media for plumbing marketing its a one size fits all type of thing. For some plumber they may garner great success with Facebook, others maybe prefer LinkedIn. It depends on you and your business. Here is the run down on the top social media sites for plumbing marketing to help you choose social media sites that best suite your needs.


  1. Facebook for Plumbing Marketing

    If you haven’t heard of Facebook then you might live under a rock. Facebook is the #1 social media site in the world with more and more users signingfacebook for plumbers up every day. This makes Facebook and obvious choice for gaining mass exposure. However you have to be careful. Facebook allows you to search for your target audience, however users are often times on Facebook for social reasons and can sometimes reject approaches made by businesses. That is why it is important to be real and genuine. Your conduct on Facebook should be professional and engaging, try not to sound like a robot constantly plugging your business. Facebook deems profiles for individual use and pages for businesses, so create a profile and a page for the best results.

  2. Twitter for Plumbing Marketing

    Just like Facebook, Twitter is a highly recognizable social media platform. Although somewhat elusive, Twitter offers some great benefits for plumbing marketing. Social media for plumbing marketing is a partially about distributing content. Twitter is a great way to do this. Twitter is a little less formal than Facebook, and many users are there to receive content that is relevant to them and to pass it on. The sharing of your content or “retweeting” is a great way to gain exposure, create more links, and produce more traffic to your website.

  3. LinkedIn for Plumbing Marketing

    Social media for plumbing marketing is also a great way to network with other service professionals. LinkedIn is a great social media site to network on. Networking is part of plumbing marketing. The ability to refer your clients to other service professionals not only helps your clients and your networking partners out but it is also beneficial to you. You went above and beyond to help your customer out and you have created a referral partner, who in turn will probably return the favor. Service professionals you should consider networking with are: Real Estate Agents, Roofers, Electricians, Moving companies, Appliance Repair companies, Landscapers just to name a few.


With social media for plumbing marketing you have many other options. Google + is also a great social media site to consider as it offers many of the same benefits. Other sites like Pinterest can also be beneficial to share relevant plumbing content. Social media for plumbing marketing helps you engage with customers, seek out new customers, distribute content, increase search ranking, and provides links to your website. Social media for plumbing marketing is just a piece of the puzzle that will make your plumbing marketing more successful in the long run.

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