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Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

November 18th, 2013 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Your current customers are your most valuable customers and play a part in growing your plumbing business. After all if you aren’t retaining them they won’t help refer new business to you and obtaining new customers can be more costly than keeping existing customers. Word of mouth marketing through your existing customers is one of your best allies when it comes to plumbing marketing. Here are some tips to help keep your existing customers coming back.

 First and foremost customers service is very important to keep customers coming back. There are several key components that go into good customer service: listening, genuine care and concern, communication, and follow through. These things are some of the most important parts of having great customer service, and great customer service is one of the main reasons that keeps customers coming back. You can provide great service, but if you aren’t treating your customers right, there is a good chance they won’t be coming back.

Listen to what your customers have to say so you can fully understand their concerns and show that you genuinely care about them; use their name and address their concerns. Communicate with them about their plumbing problems, explain procedures to them to put their mind at ease about things they are unsure about. Lastly if you don’t do what you say and full fill your obligations to your customers the way you communicated this leaves cause for concern from your customers, always follow through this will keep customers coming back because they know they can count on you.

keeping customers cominb back
Plumbing Apprenticeship,, 11/18/2013

They way your operate your plumbing business also has an impact on customers coming back. Your employees, training, and empowerment are also all factors to keep customers coming back.

Who you hire to represent your plumbing business is very important. This is who is in charge of your valuable customers and they are responsible for the customer experience. Make sure they are reliable, have a professional appearance and demeanor, and will facilitate your business practices and procedures. Provide your employees with continued training so they may be best prepared to handle all situations and stay on top of trends. Give them empowerment to make decisions.  If you hire the right employees you should have no problem allowing them to make decisions while they are in the field. Customers like to have problems solved in a timely manor, this just improves your service and helps prevent negative customer experiences, and keeps customers coming back because of the level of service. Go above and beyond for your customers, exceed their expectations.

 Click Here For Email MarketingKeep in touch with your customers to keep customers coming back. We can’t stress how important this is to keep customers coming back! Remind them of the great service you provided them. Connect with them on social media, send them email newsletters with information about your business and any new promotions you are offering. Ask your customers for feedback, when you ask your customers for feedback it shows you value their opinion, and allows you to make adjustment to help improve your service and keep customers coming back!

The key to any successful business is to have customers coming back. If you have no customer retention it may time to evaluate your plumbing business practices. What are the areas you need to improve on? Why are customers going else where? Self evaluation is good to do sometimes and is healthy for your plumbing business.


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