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Quality over Quantity – Why it Applies to Plumbing Marketing

January 7th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »
quality over quantity
Buy Olympia,, 01/07/2014




There really is no exact science when it comes to plumbing marketing. What works for one may not work for others. There are a lot of factors to consider when devising a plan for plumbing marketing. However one things for sure quality over quantity will always work in your favor. This rule applies to several aspects of plumbing marketing from who is in your following to the content you are promoting. Taking the time to ensure that everything is of good quality will not only end up saving you time in the long run, but also ensure a more successful plumbing marketing campaign.


Your Network



Friends, followers, and contacts make up an important part of plumbing marketing. These are the individuals who will see all of your updates, blogs, and links; and who will ultimately make or break your plumbing marketing efforts. When it comes to growing your networks (a necessary part of plumbing marketing) the keyword is target audience. Don’t just grow to grow, really think about who you are adding. If you are a plumber in Los Angeles California and adding people from New Jersey, well yes you increase your exposure, but what are the chances you are going to actually turn them into customers? Look for the right kind of people to create the right kind of traffic, traffic that will end is closed sales.




quality over quantity
Cogdogblog,, 01/07/2014



Content is very important when it comes to plumbing marketing. Good content is unique and useful. If you are posting updates that aren’t relevant to your business just to post updates, well this might not end well. Really think about what you are putting out there. This is after all another face of your business. You want to portray your business as professional, real, and the authority in the industry. Don’t fill your networks streams will fluff. Too much lack luster information and you could be deemed a spammer. Instead speak from the heart, customers like to feel there is a real person on the other end. Provide information on topics you think they would be interested in, for example “tips to maintain your garbage disposal” or infographics on tips to save water or reduce monthly utility costs. This makes for great content and will help garner the results you are looking for with your plumbing marketing.


Plumbing marketing encompasses a lot of different elements. From social media, blogging, YouTube videos, and traditional print ads. Whatever your method is for plumbing marketing please focus on quality. There is no sense in spending money or time on plumbing marketing and not getting a return on investment. For more plumbing marketing ideas please check out our others posts on



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