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The Top 5 Things that Cause Damage to Plumbing Systems

February 15th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »



A homes plumbing system is a very important part of a homes infrastructure. Many times people don’t give enough credit to the function of a plumbing system, and often mistreat their plumbing systems without even realizing what they are doing. A network of pipes helps bring clean water and remove waste from the home, a priceless contribution to modern day society. Not taking proper care of a plumbing system can cause damage that can be expensive and stressful to repair. Aside from frozen pipes these are some of the top things that wreak havoc and cause damage to plumbing systems.

damage to plumbing system

Inspectapedia,, 02/15/2014




  1. Trash

    Paper, plastic, glass, metal, and other articles of trash can cause major problems and damage to plumbing systems. Often times entering thought drains, garbage disposals and toilets. Never treat your drains as a trashcan. This can cause blockage that can lead to a big plumbing problem.


  2. Grease

    Grease poured down the drain can also cause damage to a plumbing system. After a while grease can build up in pipes and septic systems leading to drainage problems that will eventually need to be repaired.


  3. Tree roots

    Tree roots are probably biggest culprit when it comes to damage to plumbing systems. Often times searching for water, over time tree roots inch their way into pipes and cause major drainage problems. This can be an expensive and stressful repair. So to avoid complications with tree roots, avoid planting plants too close to a lateral line, replace shrubs and small trees every couple of years, and select plants that grow slowly.

    damge to plumbing system

    Drain Genie,, 02/15/2014


  4. Hair

    Hair down the shower drain can be a messy situation, although typically the damage to a plumbing system can be relatively minimal, combined with other things, like grease and trash, this can form quite a bad blockage.


  5. Liquid drain cleaners

    Liquid drain cleaners are often times seen as a quick fix, however the harsh chemicals in them can cause damage to plumbing systems, and are really not good for the environment. Plus they don’t always solve the problem and need repeated use.


It is important to properly take care of a homes plumbing system to avoid damage to a plumbing system. Remember avoid putting things down the drain that don’t belong, as this can cause damage to a plumbing system that can be expensive and stressful to repair. In the even that there is damage to a plumbing system, it is always best to call a professional plumber. It is better to have the job done correctly the first time to save time, money, and headache.

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