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4 Reason Continued Education of Plumbers will Help Grow Plumbing Business

March 3rd, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

continued education for plumbers 

One of the best ways to stay on top of things when owning a plumbing company is to seek continued education for plumbers. In some states this may even be a requirement. Continued education for plumbers is not only good for the plumbers but also good for the customers they serve. The following are some great reasons why you should seek continued education for plumbers.


  • Safety is extremely important when it comes to owning a plumbing company. Everyday plumbers are exposed to things that can cause bodily harm or illness. With research being done all the time, continued education for plumbers will help identify things that pose a threat that, as a plumber you were unaware of before. Continued education for plumbers will help keep everyone safe from employees to customers.


  • Plumbing trends are constantly changing. More energy efficient models are becoming available, new materials are being used, new tools and techniques. In order to stay competitive it is important to stay on top of trends with continued education for plumbers. Sometimes in order to offer the latest trends and techniques available you have to learn them first.


  • Having a niche in plumbing is also a great way to stay competitive. Niches and specialties often come out of continued education for plumbers. Having the ability to offer something that other plumbers don’t will help broaden your customer base.


  • Many states also require continued education for plumbers to ensure the safety of the people and the plumbers. Contact your local state labor agency to learn more about the requirements of continued education for plumbers in your state.


Continued education for plumbers is very important for safety, to stay on top of trends, to be competitive, and to satisfy many state license requirements. Continued education for plumbers also helps plumbers remain the authority in plumbing which is very important when it comes to building a credibly and reliable brand.


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