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Do You Have A Plumbing Niche?

March 7th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


The plumbing industry can be a really competitive industry. So how do you stay ahead of your competition? What sets you apart from the rest? Having a plumbing niche is a great way to stay competitive and also cultivate another target audience. Defining what your plumbing niche is doesn’t have to be all that complicated. What do you specialize in?



First of all in defining your plumbing niche, do you mostly do residential plumbing or commercial plumbing? This alone can be a plumbing niche. If you want to focus on the commercial plumbing aspect of your plumbing business you can create a plumbing marketing plan that is appropriate to drowning up commercial plumbing business.

plumbing niche

Fargo ND commercial Plumbing,, 03/07/2014


Remodeling is also another plumbing niche. Many times homeowners are searching for remodeling specialists. This is a great plumbing niche. A great way to get referrals for plumbing remodeling jobs is to network with other service contractors and real estate agents. Networking partners are one of the greatest ways to advertise your plumbing niche to prospective customers.


Re-piping is also another plumbing niche. The fact of the matter is, is that having to re-pipe a home can be really expensive and stressful for a homeowner. Specializing in re-piping will help give confidence to your customers that you are well qualified to handle the job.


plumbing niche

All Star Plumbing,, 03/07/2014

Green plumbing or Eco-friendly plumbing is also a huge market. These days consumers are very aware of the environment and their effect on it. Many times homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient to reduce the amount of resources they consume and save a little money on household utility expenses. This can potentially be a great plumbing niche for you that will help you grow plumbing business and help make a difference.


Other areas you may consider as a plumbing niche are: rooter specialists, septic tank service or water heater specialist. All of these plumbing niches offer a great way to diversify your plumbing company from the competition, and help you close more deals within your target audience. So whats your plumbing niche?



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