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Using Twitter for Plumbing Marketing – Twitter Jargon

March 13th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »
using twitter for plumbing marketing

Above the Crowd,, 03/13/2014


Using twitter for plumbing marketing can be a great way to reach new and existing customers. In conjunction with other social media sites, twitter can be a very effective tool for your plumbing marketing plan. To get the most out of using twitter for plumbing marketing it is important to understand the twitter jargon. Here is some common twitter jargon you may or may not know.



Tweet – A tweet is a fundamental part of using twitter for plumbing marketing. Tweets are essentially status updates. Tweets are comprised of 140 characters, so they are designed to be short and sweet. For success using twitter for plumbing marketing, new tweets should be composed on a regular basis and appeal to your audience.



Re-tweet – a re-tweet is basically another twitter user sharing your tweet with their followers. This is ideal for maximum exposure. A re-tweet is accomplished by copying the tweet and extending a RT@ and including the username, for example RT@growplumbing. This gives credit to the original tweet.


Mentions or @ – Using the @ symbol is a great way to include others in your tweets. If you are familiar with Facebook, this is essentially the same as tagging someone in a post.


using twitter for plumbing marketing

Example of using a #hashtag and mention @

Hashtag# – You see more and more use of the hashtag when using twitter for plumbing marketing these days, and across the board as other social media sites are embracing the hashtag. Any time you see the # symbol that precedes a word or phrase, there is a link to other conversations pertaining to the word or phrase. For example if you see a hashtag that looks like this #growplumbing by clicking on it you will be directed to other conversations occurring about Grow Plumbing. The intent is to link people with conversation pertaining to what interest them. Remember if you are using twitter for plumbing marketing and want to use hashtags keep your hashtags short and don’t use spaces between words. You can create your own hashtag or use popular hashtags. To look up a hashtag simply type the hashtag in the twitter search bar to see the results.


Shortened URLs – When using twitter for plumbing marketing remember you only have 140 to compose a tweet, so in order to save space a shorter URL is necessary in order to share a link. There are many free services that will allow you to shorten a link. Google for example has a great URL shortener at Another great reason you may want to shorten a URL is to accommodate re-tweets. Remember a re-tweet is accompanied by RT@ and the username, this can also take up space, so keep this in mind when creating a tweet.


Twitter jargon can be confusing when using twitter for plumbing marketing. It is always best to have a basic understanding of an application function to get the best results. We hope these insights into twitter jargon help you with using twitter for plumbing marketing.


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