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Video Marketing for Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy

March 20th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

video marketing

Jibe,, 03/20/2014


Video marketing is nothing new. Over the years it has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool. The great thing about video marketing is it has mass appeal to everyone. Today more and more companies are using video marketing because its more readily available and more affordable then ever. Have you considered using video marketing for you plumbing marketing?


The great thing about using video marketing is you can use it among a multitude of online platforms. From social media, YouTube, your blog, and website. Throughout your plumbing marketing strategy, producing good quality, unique content is vital to the success of your plumbing marketing. Video marketing generates good diverse content.


The big game player in online video marketing is definitely YouTube. YouTube is considered the 2nd most used search engine with over a billion unique searches every month. To use YouTube you can either create the video yourself, or there are many companies that will help assist you with creating professional videos for your plumbing marketing. Of course out sourcing video creation is going to be the more costly path, so consider your plumbing marketing budget.


If you are considering creating videos yourself there are a lot of great options. Video marketing is more affordable and easier to do these days. Many platforms allow you to make short videos yourself. Consider platforms like Vine and Instagram, both of which have seen exponential growth this last year. You don’t have to spend a lot on equipment either, many smart phones these days are equipped with good quality cameras that will do the trick. A good quality webcam will also work.


When using video marketing its important to keep things professional. Avoid clutter in the background, wear professional attire, and incorporate your logo to be consistent with your brand. The length of the video is also important make sure it is not too long or else you may loose the interest of your viewers. Keep things engaging and informative. For plumbing marketing purposes you can create videos on products and services, a demonstration on what not to do, or create a how to video with plumbing tips and advice.


There are many possibilities when it comes to using video marketing. A well rounded plumbing marketing plan will incorporate different branches of online marketing: video marketing, blogging, social media, web design, local directories etc.. All of which work together for the best possible results. For more tips on video marketing and plumbing marketing please visit


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