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Reviews: How They Help Your Plumbing Marketing

March 25th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Reviews can have a big impact on your plumbing marketing. With more and more people having access to the web information spreads like wild fire. Reviews serve and the modern day word of mouth which can have a positive or negative impact on your plumbing marketing.


When it comes to reviews, things have changed a little over the years. At one time people relied on reviews of professionals to help them make decisions on whether or not to purchase goods or services. With the onset of local directory sites like Yelp! and Angie’s List, people now have the ability to review businesses on their own. Now days most customers view reviews from current or past customers as more reliable in helping them make a decision. In fact many customers base their decision to hire a professional plumber on the reviews they have.

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Reviews help with plumbing marketing because when a customer sees that you have a lot of reviews they are interested in reading up about the experience that others have had, versus if you have no reviews its almost as bad as having bad reviews, there is not information for future customers to gain. So if your plumbing company is lacking in reviews its time to change that. Ask your current customers to review you business, send a follow up card after you have finished a job asking for a review. This can really be helpful for your plumbing marketing. Its low cost and extremely effective.


When it comes to reviews and your plumbing marketing another thing to consider is that reviews often times inadvertently contain keywords that help with your SEO, which in turn help increase your placement on Google! You can also use testimonials or reviews on your website. This is a great way to have some keyword dense content on your website, which will help improve your search ranking.

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One thing to keep in mind when it comes to reviews and plumbing marketing is your local directories. Sites like Yelp!, Google Local, Yahoo, and Angie’s List, often times already have a business directory for you. Its really important for your plumbing marketing to claim all of these profiles. First to make sure that all the information about your business is accurate, and then to monitor reviews about your business. Staying on top of reviews is really important for your plumbing marketing. In addition claiming your profiles also allows you to upload pictures and optimize your bio or about me section, all of which only helps your plumbing marketing and is of no cost.

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When it comes to bad reviews, hey sometimes it happens. What is really important is if and how you react. Make sure that you address all reviews that do not show your business in best light. Maybe there was a miss-communication. Addressing the situation and being willing to correct the issue demonstrates that you truly care about your customers and your business. Often times by simply communicating with the customer the problem can be turned around.


Reviews really do play an important role in plumbing marketing. They are a really powerful way to reach new customers. Reviews are also a low cost method of customer acquisition. For more plumbing marketing ideas please visit our website at



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