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5 Reasons More Plumbers Should Be Blogging

April 23rd, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

5 Reasons Plumbing Companies Should Be Blogging (#4 Is My Favorite)

Dan Perry Plumbing Guest Blog Post

Despite the fact that blogging has been around for a long time, I’m still amazed at how many small businesses aren’t leveraging this powerful lead generation strategy – especially in the home service and repair industry.

That’s good news for you and I, because it makes it easier for us to get customers.

Back when I started my handyman business 2 years ago I built my website and blogged about different services that I wanted to offer. I had not idea how effective they would be at the time, but I was willing to try anything to get my first customers. To my surprise, it was effective. Very effective.

This blogging strategy coupled with a good website allowed me to establish myself as a well paid handyman within one year, despite having very little home repair experience.

Now, these blog posts are my primary lead generation source and keep me booked solid. In fact, I’ve generated over $10,000 in new business from a single blog post! That’s pretty good considering that blog post took me less than 1 hour to write and continues to bring me business to this day.

Imagine if you had 30 quality blog posts bringing you in those kind of leads. That’s an extra $300,000 in new business, not including the income you’d be getting from return business.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to start a blog, here are 5 more reasons.

#1: Expert Positioning

Plumbing Blogging 101People want to hire experts. Often times, their home is their most valuable asset. What better way to show that your an expert than to share your knowledge through a blog?

When a customer lands on your website and reads a highly informative blog post about a specific plumbing repair, they are instantly going to recognize you as the go-to expert.

I’ve seen this in action many times. For example, one of my blog posts is about window repair (which is a service I offer). I remember one phone call especially. I answered the phone and a lady replied “Hi, I was just reading your article online and I was impressed. I’ve got a few damaged windows and I’d like to hire you. You seem like you what your talking about.” I was in shock, mainly because I’d only repaired a couple of windows in my entire life before that call!

This lady had no idea who I was or my experience level. Her only interaction was with my website and blog and yet she was pre sold on my services. She wasn’t price shopping, she wanted to hire me on the spot. That’s what I call expert positioning.


#2: Instantly Builds Trust

Trust is the single most important thing you must have to get a sale. Blogging is great because it instantly builds that trust. This goes along with the expert positioning in #1. People tend to trust experts and when you show that you are an expert, they’ll trust you instantly.

By providing value to your visitors in the form of a blog post, you are building a relationship with your them. By giving value first, you are building trust.

#3: Most Plumbers Aren’t Blogging

Most plumbing contractor’s aren’t implementing a content marketing strategy, and if they are, they’re probably doing a poor job.

This leaves a lot of room for you to dominate in your area. It also means that you don’t have to be an amazing writer to compete. Many of the blog posts I wrote for my handyman business were written in less than 30 minutes. I just quickly shared my insights into that specific repair, placed a nice call to action at the bottom, and waited for the leads to come in.

#4: Long-Term ROI


Unlike certain SEO strategies that only work until Google figures them out, blog posts will help your website rank for the long term. Why? Because they provide real value to visitors.

Google is in the business of answering questions and delivering valuable information. If you have valuable information to share, Google will throw traffic your way all day long. Couple this valuable info with some well executed SEO and you’ll have more leads than you can handle.

I still generate leads every week from blog posts I wrote almost 2 years ago.

#5: Long-Tail Traffic


There are only two things you need to get customers online. Traffic, and something to sell. Assuming your website isn’t terrible, a certain amount of that traffic will buy your product or service. It’s a numbers game.

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate traffic. Have you ever heard the saying “content is king?” That’s true for all aspect of online marketing, and mainly traffic. The more relevant quality content on your website, the more traffic you get.

As you build up the content on your website, you’ll start generating what I call long-tail traffic. This is actually the most valuable traffic.

If you take a look at the graph above, you’ll see the different between long tail traffic and short tail traffic. Traffic gained from short tail keywords like “Plumber” get searched a LOT. But, they could have a thousand possible intentions.

An example of a long-tail keyword would be “toilet installation in San, Diego.” It’s pretty clear what that person is looking for and if you have some quality content specifically about installing toilets in San, Diego, there’s a good chance you’re going to get that job.

So there you have it, 5 solid reasons to start blogging for your business. Now that you know what you should be doing, it’s time to execute. Just thinking about blogging won’t bring you a single customer.

If you’d like to learn more about how to dominate with your blog, click here and learn my complete content marketing strategy. (Links to:

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Dan Perry is the founder of – a website and podcast dedicated to helping handymen, plumbers, electricians, and contractors understand business and marketing so they can get more customers, make more money, and enjoy their businesses. Connect with him at or on his social profiles list below. 

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