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The 5 Basics to Online Plumbing Marketing

April 30th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »
online plumbing marketing

Inspiring Partnerships,, 04/29/2014

 When just starting out with online plumbing marketing sometimes its hard to know where to start. There are many options and different outlets for online plumbing marketing, all of which can benefit the success rate of a comprehensive online plumbing marketing plan. To prevent any confusion the following are the areas we feel should have the most focus when starting a online plumbing marketing strategy.


  1. Website

    A plumbing website is the end all be all for online plumbing marketing. Without a website there is not central hub to focus online plumbing marketing attention. Every outlet and ever effort made online should eventually point back to the website. The first step of outlining a online plumbing marketing plan should be to either create or improve and existing plumbing website. This website should be eye catching, but not to extravagant yet easy to understand and navigate.

  2. Social Media

    Social media is an important part of online plumbing marketing. Once a website has been established its time to create traffic to that website. Social media is an excellent platform for this. There are many options for social media however when just starting, its important to master the big 4: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. These four offer a great starting place to engage with existing customers and reach new plumbing marketing

  3. Local Directories

    Local directories play and important role in reaching customers and pushing traffic to a website. Many customers will search for listings on local directories so claiming these profiles is a necessity. Local directories are also mobile user friendly, which accounts for much of the online searches being performed.

  4. Content

    Generating fresh new content is part of online plumbing marketing. Online users seek content and so the best way to gain attention is to provide content. Content should be relevant and unique. Content can be created via blog, video, pictures, etc…and can easily be distributed across all social media outlets.

  5. SEO

    Search engine optimization or SEO is a crucial part of online plumbing marketing. Never miss an opportunity to optimize. From the website, social media sites, local directories, and content; keywords should be used throughout. Keywords should be used tactfully and read fluidly. Overuse of keywords, otherwise known as keyword stuffing is a bad practice that can have a negative impact on online plumbing marketing.


These are the 5 basics of online plumbing marketing. Remember an online plumbing marketing strategy should be updated on a regular basis as things are constantly evolving and changing. With online plumbing marketing is is never one and done, it takes dedication, attention and time.


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