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Run Your Plumbing Business More Efficiently

May 23rd, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Mobilize and Streamline Your Plumbing SMB

Learn how to improve efficiency for your plumbing business – A guest blog post from Sam Madden of PocketSuite.


The term “ERP” probably has most of you scratching your heads.  

ERP stands to Enterprise Resource Planning, and is a crucial tool for large and medium sized businesses looking for efficiencies in orders, project management, inventory, manufacturing, accounting, HR, supply chain, etc. ERP unifies all the core functionalities of a company in a single database, saving these firms time and money.  

What about ERP for Small Business Owners? (i.e., plumbers, handymen, electricians, etc.) The term has not quite reached the small business and independent professional community yet, because no one has built simple yet efficient unified business software for this market.  
Small businesses (“SMBs”), however, make up 90% of US businesses and account for 70% of new job creation. When it comes to managing their cash, resource, and client assets, most rely on off-the-shelf accounting software such as Quickbooks (a favorite amongst accountants and bookkeepers). Several SaaS (“Software as a Service”) upstarts have emerged in recent years like Xero, Zoho, and others touting ease of use and online access as key benefits. 

These applications are cheaper than SaaS ERP systems but require a background in basic bookkeeping. As a result, data silos are formed between those with the requisite background and those without. Large companies have the resources and processes to synchronize and move business data across these silos. SMBs, however, have neither the resources nor processes to manage this. 

Other silo’d software offerings have popped up – from scheduling, to payment processing, to invoicing – but this just adds work and cost to the business owner. I personally know one handyman business owner who uses 4 different mobile apps and 3 software subscriptions to run his company. This is just “what’s available to me” he says.  

A Mobile Solution What SMBs (i.e., handymen, plumbers, etc.) are missing is a day-to-day tool to manage cash, resources and clients – simple as that. That’s why we built PocketSuite, a startup re-thinking ERP for micro businesses eager to streamline and grow their operations.  

 At a high level, PocketSuite lets businesses: 

  • Publish their work availability online 
  • Accept real-time booking requests from clients (online & via the app) 
  • Sync all appointments to/from iCal, Google and most other calendar software 
  • Communicate directly with clients (i.e., text message, send documents, share photos) 
  • Send clients secure quotes to lock in upfront payment 
  • Get paid (via direct deposit) within 24 hours from when job is complete 
  • Amass verified reviews to be shared with friends & family of clients 

PocketSuite is a mobile-first ERP technology, limiting the amount of time business owners need to be stuck in front of a computer all day long. For more information, visit to see which PocketSuite plan is right for you (Basic vs. Pro).  

The Future for SMBs Upstarts like PocketSuite provide a glimpse into the future of ERP for small businesses: affordable, easy to install, task oriented, no data silos, and communication built into the core. Software offerings should strive to let SMB owners spend less time managing logistics, and more time doing what they love – their work.


Grow Plumbing is here to support you with all of your business endeavors. When it comes to running a plumbing business, we understand that sometimes we need to access for ways to run our plumbing business more efficiently. Efficiency is key when running a plumbing business, and can help free up funds for other areas, like plumbing marketing. To learn more about PocketSuite and other ways to help you run your plumbing business more efficiently please contact us today or 310 – 546 – 1980.

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