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Going Green With Your Plumbing Company – Tips to Help You Run Your Plumbing Company More Efficiently

June 5th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

go green with your plumbing company,, 06/04/2014


When it comes to running a plumbing company it pays to go green with your plumbing company. There are many ways to go green at home, but have you considered your environmental impact when running your business? Not to mention the impact going green with your plumbing company will have on your wallet. Going green with your plumbing company will not only help decrease your carbon footprint, but also help reduce your monthly operating costs, which can free up funds for other important things, like your plumbing marketing budget! Here are some tips to help you run your plumbing company more efficiently.


  1. Conserving Electricity

    Electricity is a big expense when it comes to running any office. With light fixtures, computers, printers, etc…this can be a big cost. To go green with your plumbing company and save electricity turn lights off in the office when not in use and use natural light whenever possible. You can also install motion detectors that turn the lights off automatically when no one is in the room. Another way to go green with your plumbing company and save electricity, is to turn off your computers and other electronics at the end of the day, and unplug the power strip. Constantly running computers can add up to electrical waste, and can be unnecessary unless it is a server computer, check with your IT support to make sure your not turning off anything vital.


  2. Conserve Paper and Recycle

    When it comes to going green with your plumbing company, consider how much paper you use. Many offices waste a lot of paper printing unnecessary documents. A way around this is to make any things easy to share among the office. If you have a central network set up this should be quite easy. In the event something does require printing, utilize both sides of the paper. When it comes to document destruction, always recycle. There are many outside companies that can help with document destruction that not only allows you to recycle, but also protect the privacy of you and your customers, but professionally shredding documents. In addition if you are invoicing customers, a great way to do this is with email. Going paperless is a great way to go green with your plumbing company.


  3. Promote a Healthy Work Environment

    A great way to go with your plumbing company is to promote a healthy work environment. Purchase reusable dishes, silverware and drink ware for the break-room to reduce waste. Purchase organic and local food for snacks and office get togethers. It is also a good idea to use organic and non toxic cleaning supplies that are safe for employees to use as well as the environment.


Many of these things will not only help the environment but also help you save more money and run your plumbing company more efficiently. Going green with your plumbing company really can be quite easy by just making some simple changes in how you operate your plumbing company.


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