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How Online Reviews Affect Your Plumbing Marketing

July 18th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

online reviews plumbing marketing

University of Pittsburgh,, 07/18/2014


Online reviews are becoming increasingly more popular for potential customers. Each year more and more people check out online reviews before deciding to purchase goods or services. That makes online reviews extremely important for your plumbing marketing, and for several reasons. Online reviews aren’t going anywhere, so it is best to embrace them and use them to the best of your advantage for your plumbing marketing.


One reason online reviews are so powerful is that customers trust what other customers are saying more so than professional opinion and even personal recommendations. Reviews that have a common theme and the amount of reviews a business has validates the authenticity of the online reviews; making them more trustworthy to some users.


As technology moves along, more and more people are getting comfortable with online reviews. Online reviews often times impacts a customers decision to purchase goods or services. In a recent survey 85% of customers said they read online reviews before making the decision to purchase. Online reviews have the potential to have a huge impact on your plumbing marketing.


When it comes to online reviews and your plumbing marketing you have to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately nobody is perfect and sometimes there may be an online review that doesn’t showcase your plumbing companies strengths. Think of this as an opportunity to correct a wrong and make improvements. Address the problem head on and be proactive about it. Dealing with customers complaints is part of customer service, as long as you are providing great customer service to your customers you should be fine. A positive follow up review demonstrating how you handled the problem shows that you care and are willing to make wrongs right. Again remember that consumers are looking for authenticity and commonality with multiple reviews. One bad review among a bunch of great reviews might not make a huge difference, however vice versa and you might have a problem.


When it comes to plumbing marketing online reviews also help with search ranking. Often times online reviews contain keywords that are relevant to your plumbing marketing campaign. Therefore helping you with your SEO. In addition having great reviews on multiple sites like Yelp! and Google Local helps search engines place a value on your plumbing company. For plumbing marketing purposes encourage your customers to review your business online.


Online reviews are just part of the puzzle for plumbing marketing. A well rounded plumbing marketing strategy will incorporate social media, content, and link building as well. Everything works best with the other components of plumbing marketing. To learn more about online reviews and plumbing marketing please visit


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