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6 Tips to Improve Customer Service for Your Plumbing Company

July 29th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


When you own a plumbing company or any company for that matter, customer service has to factor in as one of the most important aspect of operating a successful business. You could be providing the best service possible, but if you customer service is lacking you could be doing harm to the livelihood of your plumbing company. Here are some tips to help you improve customers service for your plumbing company.


  1. Practice listening


    The art of listening is extremely important when it comes to customer service for your plumbing company. Believe it or not, not everyone is born a good listener. Sometimes its a skill that you have to practice, just like anything else. To ensure that you are really listening to your customers slow down and little and really focus on what they are telling you.improve customer serice for your plumbing company


  2. Avoid saying no

    Often times when there is a customer service issue its related to a very simple yes or no. When it comes to customers service and providing great service to your customers its often times a lot easier to say yes than it is to say no. When contemplating something you want to say no to ask yourself why not? Most often there really is no reason to say no. Now there are always times when yes isn’t appropriate, but instead of saying no, try to come up with another solution.


  3. Be nice

    Yes be nice, you would think this goes without saying but sometimes the concept of simply being nice has to be reaffirmed when aiming to improve customer service for your plumbing company. Remember to smile and be genuine. This really does go a long way, even on the phone a customer can feel a smile on the other end.


    improve customer serice for your plumbing company

    Maureen Stevens,, 07/29/2014

  4. Ask for feedback

    Sometimes in order to improve customer service for your plumbing company you have to ask your customers. Have them fill out a survey once a job is complete, this may reveal something that you were unaware of. Carefully consider the information that they give you and try not to get defensive. There may be a common trend that lets you know an area of particular concern to work on.


  5. Be proactive

    Lets face it non of us are perfect, and even if you strive to provide the best service possible sometimes things happen that are out of our control. In the event that you have a bad opportunity with a customer, make sure you address is head on. Don’t ignore a customer service problem. Failure to address a customer complaint and alleviate an opportunity, could do a lot more harm.


  6. Keep your word

    Ever heard the saying “say what you mean and mean what you say”? This applies to your customer service for your plumbing company. If you make a promise to your customer, honor it. There is nothing worse than being told one thing and having something else completely different happen. In communicating with your customers be sure to be direct and clear so there are no misunderstandings. Many times a customer service complaint stems from a misunderstanding from a miscommunication.


By improving the customer service for your plumbing company you can actually grow plumbing business. Happy customers refer other customers and give you positive feedback online. Remember without your customers you don’t have a plumbing company, so treat your customers like gold.



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