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Plumbing Marketing and Your Plumbing Website – 4 Evaluating Questions You Must Ask

August 26th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Your plumbing website is one of the most important plumbing marketing tools you have. A good plumbing website is vital to the success of any plumbing marketing strategy. Every now and then it is important to evaluate your plumbing website to see how effective it truly is. If you have great traffic coming into your plumbing website but are not getting any conversions then maybe its time to change a few things. Here are some things to consider when you are evaluating the effectiveness of your plumbing website.



  1. Is your plumbing website efficient?

    What we mean by efficient is; can your visitors decipher in just a few seconds if your website is relevant for what they are searching for? Online searchers are usually looking for something specific, and unfortunately most have a very short attention span. They want the information they are searching for right now if not 5 minutes ago. So in terms of plumbing marketing and your plumbing website, make sure the information is available in plain site and easy to understand. For example don’t provide too much information on your homepage that may overwhelm people.



  2. Is your plumbing website easy to navigate?

    When it comes to searching for information on a website, many customers are used to certain tabs and options. For your plumbing website don’t make visitors work to hard for information. Have you tabs clearly labeled and in plain site. Another big mistake many people make is hiding their contact information. Your contact information should by in plain site and consistently available throughout your entire plumbing website.


  3. Is your plumbing website diversified?

    By diversified we mean are you catering to all types of different learning styles? Remember some people will read the text on your website, but other people may prefer video, audio, or still images. Avoid alienating people and provide a variety of different content on your website to gain the most exposure and help increase your conversion ratio.



  4. Is your plumbing website mobile friendly?

    This is a huge deal when it comes to plumbing marketing and your plumbing website. Remember mobile users are surpassing desktop users as more and more people are taking to their smart phones and tablets. What this means is that many websites need to conform to a smaller screen in order to be efficient for the mobile user. Think about it, how many times have you gone to look up something on your phone and the website did not conform to fit your screen? Did you suffer through and attempt to navigate the website anyways, only able to read half of the text because the other half didn’t fit on your screen? Or did you move on to the next website that was mobile compatible? Many websites automatically conform for mobile use, but if its been a while since you set up your plumbing website you want to look into this. If you are unsure contact your web designer or web host.


plumibng marketing plumbing website

IDF Link,, 08/26/2014

Every now and then it is a really good idea to step back and evaluate what you are doing for plumbing marketing. If you don’t analyze what you are doing how to you know what is working and what isn’t? For your plumbing website it is really important that it work for you. The best way is to evaluate it and also check the analytics report. This is routine maintenance for your plumbing website. Remember a little refresher on your plumbing website is always good for search ranking, as it shows an attempt to remain relevant and that you are active. Stagnant websites that never get updated are in danger of not being indexed accordingly. So keep that in mind when you are evaluating your plumbing marketing and plumbing website.



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