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5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business Fast

September 9th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Learn LinkedIn to Create Powerful Word of Mouth Business Referrals

As you know, defining your target market and connecting with it is essential if you plan to grow your plumbing/HVAC business on a controlled, consistent and profitable path. LinkedIn, founded in 2003, can help you achieve this growth by connecting you with the people who buy the products and services you sell. It is the world’s largest database of business professionals and includes 300 million users, more than 100 million of which are in the US.

You are closer to these people than you know. It is simply a matter of learning how to use LinkedIn to find and connect with them. It is a fairly simple process and the five tips below will help you begin to master it.

Everyone is Connected

LinkedIn’s power lies in the principle that everyone of us is connected to everyone else by no more than six degrees of separation.  We know people who know people, who know other people, and so on. By looking closely at who we know, and their interests and needs, we can discover, using LinkedIn’s tools, others with similar interests and needs. In short, in today’s digital age, LinkedIn is how leading companies select and/or refine target audiences, find new prospects, make new connections, and convert them to customers.

Plumbing LinkedIn Marketing


The average business owner has a network of about 250 people. The average successful plumbing/HVAC company that uses LinkedIn consistently has a network that exceeds 1,000 people. If your plumbing/HVAC business has grown organically through conventional word-of-mouth referrals, imagine how much it could grow by having four times as many referrals. Boosting these referrals is a simple matter of harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s database and digital “matching” capabilities.

LinkedIn Business Case Study

For example Courtesy Plumbing expanded its connections by 500 connections in 5 months and saw a 50%  increase in LinkedIn visits and a 10% increase in phone calls from LinkedIn  just by following the tips below and some getting some additional help from their digital marketing firm.

Year after year, especially with the growth of mobile devices, email, and social networks, you are more connected to society than in the past. LinkedIn allows you to be selective about your connections, to differentiate you from others, and to determine which of those connections will get you to rise above your competition and achieve your business goals.

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Below are five tips to get LinkedIn working for your plumbing/HVAC business.

1. Build an Amazing Profile

Write a summary, list skills, show projects, and detail work experience in your profile. Keep in mind you want to write a buyer-centric profile, not a resume.  Your profile should focus on how your capabilities will solve the problems and challenges—relieve the pain, so to speak—people face daily.

Also, create a company policy that encourages your technicians and office team members to write LinkedIn profiles that are linked to your LinkedIn company page. Doing so will illustrate your firm’s substance, experience, capabilities and dependability.

2. Post Cool Updates

LinkedIn asks its users to “Share an update…” on its home page. This is where you tell your connections more about how you can help them, their family, or their friends. Here are some ideas for what to post as an update.

  • Pictures of recent customer projects

  • Recent customer reviews from Yelp or Google

  • Video testimonials or company commercials from YouTube

  • News and events like new company hires or sponsorships of local events


3. Jump into Advanced Search

One of the most powerful things about LinkedIn is its search capability. LinkedIn search works because LinkedIn structures its member profiles into common sense and similar classifications. This means that rather than using generic keywords as you might with a Google search, you can use specific search criteria–for example, businesses within a 10 mile radius, or a specific title, or a specific industry, or even a company name—to find prospects, friends and/or authorities. Word-of-mouth referrals are the best form of advertising for your plumbing/HVAC business. Using advance search will help you build connections with referral partners. Below are some ideas for referral partner connections.

  • Facility Manager

  • Restaurant Owner

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Insurance Broker

  • Property Manager

  • Handy Man

  • Construction Contractor

  • Roofing Contractor

  • Builder

4. Manage Connections

If you only have 50 connections on LinkedIn, managing them is easy.  However, as your list of profiles grows by connecting with more people, managing your connections becomes more complex.  When you have 500+ connections, it is important to organize your connections into categories. At this point, it can be helpful to have a LinkedIn professional, show you how to do this most effectively.

You will want to sort your LinkedIn connections into lists for efficient and effective use.  LinkedIn encourages you to add ‘tags’ to the profiles of each of your connections.  A great feature is that many tags are predefined.  These predefinitions include, but are not limited to, classmates, locations, titles, and companies. LinkedIn also gives you the ability to create a customized tag, say, for example, “mechanical engineering companies.” In addition, once tagged, LinkedIn easily enables you to sync your email contacts to LinkedIn, and vice versa, so that your computer(s) and mobile device(s) all contain the same information. There are free mobile apps available from LinkedIn that will help you do this.


5. Join or Start a Group

LinkedIn groups offer the best way to get the most out of your social engagement time. Using advance search you can find and join local networking groups or industry specific groups. Asking questions or answering questions within that group will build your credibility and popularity, will encourage people to either accept your connection requests or ask you to connect with them, and keep you top of mind with your connections and groups.

In conclusion, the strength of LinkedIn and other social networking Websites lies in knowing how to use them to maximize exposure and create meaningful networking opportunities. Unlike Facebook and other social sites, LinkedIn provides a serious platform for business owners and professionals to enhance their authority, reputation, availability, and resources. Getting to know what LinkedIn has to offer, and how to use its tools, will strengthen your company’s hold in its market, boost your brand awareness, generate more leads, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

As the founder of Grow Plumbing, Gregg Towsley helps plumbing and HVAC businesses reach and connect with more customers online. Schedule a Free Google Helpout and learn more about LinkedIn marketing. 


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