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Why Your Customers Need to Be Engaged by Your Plumbing Marketing

September 11th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

keeping customers engaged with plumbing marketing

Are Your Customers Engaged?


Plumbing marketing can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Lets face it there is a lot of competition out there that is providing a lot of noise. When working on a successful plumbing marketing campaign you are faced with several questions. First what are you trying to achieve with your plumbing marketing? What techniques are you going to use? And more importantly how are you going to engage your customers?



One of the main challenges you will face with plumbing marketing is getting your customers attention. These days there is a lot going on when it comes to plumbing marketing with many companies vying for attention using any and all methods from TV and radio commercials, email marketing, ppc, social media etc…with so much going on and the constant changes in technology how can you be sure that your message is even being received? Consumers have many options to tune out marketing ploys that they simply don’t want to see, we now have the ability to fast forward through commercials and you can unsubscribe from emails and social media updates. So with all that effort and cost how can you be sure you are reaching your audience? That is where engagement comes into play.



With plumbing marketing you really want to do everything you can to engage your customers. A great way to do this is to be interactive with your customers. Ask them their opinion, start a discussion, create a poll. This can all be achieved using social media or email marketing. By getting them involved it demonstrates that you value their opinion making it easier to keep them engaged. You can also create a referral program or rewards program. Customers that are getting a good deal or that are being rewarded tend to be more engaged and therefore more likely to become repeat customers and refer other customers.



The type of content you provide to your customers is also really crucial when it comes to engaging your customers with your plumbing marketing. Provide a variety of different content. By keeping things diversified you avoid becoming stale and more easily forgettable. If social media is what you are focused on promote your blog, video, pictures, infographics etc.. in addition to your regular status updates. Remember aside from being entertaining, your content also has to be relevant and more importantly unique and useful in order to really engage your customers. For plumbing marketing purposes you can create content that maybe gives them plumbing tips, like how to save water; or maybe you know some great plumbing jokes, share them! For many humor is the way into their hearts!


By increasing your engagement with your customers you are creating an emotional experience or bond for your customers. Many people make decisions to purchase goods or services based on their emotions. Negative emotions can be just as powerful as positive emotions towards a particular brand, so any customer feedback or experiences that are not so great should to be addressed individually in order to turn it around and keep your customer engaged with your brand. Keep in mind if your customers aren’t’ engaged, then your plumbing marketing efforts may be going to waste.


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