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The Difference Between Outbound and Inbound Marketing for Your Plumbing Marketing: Part 1

September 13th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


In plumbing marketing you hear the two terms outbound marketing and inbound marketing quite often. To which a plumbing marketing specialist will know the difference, but do you know the difference? Understanding what sets the two apart is important when it comes to creating your plumbing marketing plan. Both outbound marketing and inbound marketing have their pros and cons. To get a better understanding of what is the best option for your plumbing marketing plan you really need to understand the difference.


For the purpose of this blog we will be focusing on outbound marketing techniques. What outbound marketing is, the pros and cons of outbound marketing, and the bottom line of using outbound marketing for your plumbing marketing.


Outbound Marketing


Outbound marketing strategies are your traditional means of marketing; television commercials, radio commercials, direct mailers, print ads and the like. Outbound marketing is often referred to as “interuptive marketing” because it places a companies message front and center without the consumer seeking out the information. Outbound marketing is definitely a direct approach to getting a plumbing companies message out there, however with today’s technology it isn’t always as effective as it once was.


outbound marketing for plumbing marketing

Strategic Profits,, 09/12/2014


Benefits of Outbound Marketing


A couple benefits of using outbound marketing techniques for your plumbing marketing are that outbound marketing can generate results in a short period of time. If you are looking for quick results with your plumbing marketing outbound marketing may be the answer. However outbound marketing doesn’t always guarantee lasting results, so keep that in mind. Another benefit of outbound marketing is that it is a louder way to bring awareness to your business. Again known as “interuptive marketing”, outbound marketing delivers your message in a more direct way. This can however backfire, as more and more technology allows you to tune out unwanted marketing ploys.


Disadvantages of Outbound Marketing


When using outbound marketing there are of course some disadvantages. For one outbound marketing can be expensive. When it comes to plumbing marketing not everyone has a huge plumbing marketing budget to play with, particularly if you are just starting out. Another disadvantage to using outbound marketing is the fact that people have the ability to tune it out. You no longer have to watch television commercials and you can always opt out of an email blast. In addition, with the onset of the internet there are more and more options available for plumbing marketing that more more budget friendly and more effective as trends change.


The bottom line when it comes to using outbound marketing for plumbing marketing is that it can definitely be effective however keep your plumbing marketing budget in mind, and remember it is good to switch things up a bit sometimes in regards to what methods you are using for plumbing marketing. A truly balanced plumbing marketing plan will incorporate both outbound and inbound marketing techniques to achieve the best results.

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