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Getting Along with Google-Good SEO Practices for Plumbing Marketing

October 6th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


SEO or search engine optimization can definitely have an impact on your plumbing marketing; hopefully a good impact on your plumbing marketing. Trends have changed over the years and technology has improved to whittle out some of the sheisty SEO practices of years gone by. Previously many SEO tactics where designed to manipulate search engine results, with black hat practices like key word stuffing and hidden text. Now days, in an effort of improve the overall search experience for its patrons, Google frowns on many SEO tactics that worked in the past, and has rolled out a line of defense mechanisms that can negatively impact your plumbing marketing if you are caught practicing improper SEO techniques. So in an effort to get along with Google, here are some good SEO practices that can help your plumbing marketing.

 plumbing marketing

Devise an effective Content Strategy


plumbing marketingOne way to effectively optimize a website, is through rich content. Its no wonder content marketing has taken center stage in light of Google algorithms. You can safely practice good SEO tactics by streaming your keywords or keyword phrases through out a well written blog post. A strong content strategy for your plumbing marketing will help increase your visibility, build a strong brand, and provide you with credibility and authenticity.


Google has evolved


Over the years Google has evolved from just a search engine to so much more! Google now focuses on anticipating the needs of its users by analyzing search history and preferences, geolocation and other Google products, such as G mail, to go one step further and provide results that users will find useful and relevant. Now search results are more in depth providing extra information such as: business reviews, pricing, maps etc.. In addition the top spots on search results are paid ads, leaving top organic search results a little down the page. This is why online reviews and a Google + Local profile are so important to your plumbing marketing. Online reviews are often optimized, you have the opportunity to optimize your about me section on your Google + Local page, and have yet another platform to distribute your content.


Get mobile!


Many searches on now performed on mobile devices, making the ability for your plumbing website to convert to a smaller screen extremely important. If your website does not convert, or you don’t have a business listing that populates in mobile search results, it doesn’t matter how optimized you are, you could be missing out on a huge client base! Check with your web designer and make sure your website is converting for the mobile user, and claim your business listings in local directories like Google, Yahoo, and Yelp!


Its not all that difficult to maintain a good standing with Google, just error on the side of caution. If you have to second guess your SEO practices than maybe you should reconsider. If you need help with your online plumbing marketing don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional plumbing marketing specialist. Grow Plumbing is here to help and can answer all of your plumbing marketing related questions!


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