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5 Tips to Help Get More Likes on Facebook When Using Facebook for Plumbing Marketing

October 22nd, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Creating a Facebook business page is only half the battle when it comes to using Facebook for plumbing marketing. In our previous post we discussed how to create a Facebook business page for plumbing marketing, now we will discuss the next part of using Facebook for plumbing marketing; getting more likes!


Facebook for plumbing marketingGetting likes on Facebook is important because it helps give you more credibility with new customers. Facebook users are more likely to like a page when they see that other people also like the page. The more likes you have the more likes you will attract. Likes on Facebook also help boost your visibility. When new users like your Facebook page this becomes visible to their friends and followers. So how do you get more likes on Facebook?


  1. Make sure your page is complete

    When you create your Facebook page for plumbing marketing you want to make sure you page is complete. Make sure all of your business information is filled out and accurate. Next fill out the entire about section and make sure you have a professional profile picture and cover image. An incomplete profile can send potential followers the opposite direction. A complete page communicates professionalism and legitimacy.


  2. Invite your friends to like your page

    When using Facebook for plumbing marketing you should definitely invite your friends and family to like your page. Look at your email contacts or your Facebook friends on your regular profile. It doesn’t hurt to ask, your friends and family will be more than likely happy to oblige.


  3. Run a paid ad

    Once you have invited all of your personal contacts to like your page, you should consider running a paid ad with Facebook. A paid ad will be targeted to your specific demographics and you have the ability to set a budget. While this can get costly after a while, we wouldn’t recommend running an ad indefinitely, but to get you started or every once and a while a paid ad can be really beneficial to your plumbing marketing.


  4. Provide useful information

    Using Facebook for plumbing marketing is a great way to distribute your content. Content is what users find useful and valuable. The more unique, relevant, and useful your content is the more likes you will get.


  5. Promote you Facebook page on other outlets

    To truly get the most with your plumbing marketing you should be cross promoting your plumbing marketing campaigns. Include an invite to like your Facebook page on your email newsletter or on any printed plumbing marketing Facebook for plumbing marketingmaterials. Cross promoting can really help you get more exposure.


Using Facebook for plumbing marketing is a brilliant way to reach new and existing customers. By following these simple steps you can help increase your exposure and gain more likes for you Facebook business page.


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