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Plumbing Marketing Tips to Help You Compete with The Big Boys!

November 3rd, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


The plumbing industry can be a very competitive industry. For plumbing marketing purposes its important to be able to identify who your biggest competitors are. You have your other small business owners and then you have the big boys; for example Benjamin Franklin, Mike Diamond, Roto Rooter, etc… These big name plumbing franchises have spent big bucks when it comes to plumbing marketing and their brand has been carefully and strategically developed over the years. So is their any way to compete when it comes to plumbing marketing and search results? Of course there is! Here are some plumbing marketing tips to help you compete with the big boys and level the playing field for online plumbing marketing.


Develop Your Brand

When it comes to plumbing marketing it is extremely important to spend some time developing your own brand. From your logo, website, social media sites, emails, newsletters, and printed plumbing marketing pieces everything needs to be branded. Use the same colors and fonts, have your logo on everything, use the same taglines and slogans. A strong brand helps customers associate with your business. Be consistent across the board and spend time promoting your brand.


plumbing marketing

Take time to develop your brand for plumbing marketing.


Develop Your Keywords

When it comes to using keywords for plumbing marketing it is important to use not only industry specific keywords, but also keywords that are specific to your business. For example an industry specific keyword is a keyword that applies to everyone like “plumbing company”; a keyword that is specific to your business, or branded keyword is going to read something like “Mike’s Plumbing”. An effective way to use branded keywords is in your title tags in conjuncture with your industry specific keywords. This will allow search engines to build recognition for the brand name you have created.


When it comes to plumbing marketing it is important to try and stay ahead of the game. Google’s main mission to to provide the best search experience for their browsers; this means the most relevant search results. This means that companies that work hard at building their brand will be rewarded by Google. To learn more about plumbing marketing and how to be competitive visit

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