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Why LinkedIn is a Little Gem When Used for Plumbing Marketing

November 7th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »



A lot of the advantages of using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing are often overlooked. Overshadowed by its more popular counterparts Facebook and Twitter the attributes LinkedIn has to offer for your plumbing marketing are often

plumbing marketing

LinkedIn is a little gem when it comes to plumbing marketing

overlooked. But not anymore! This is why LinkedIn is a little gem when used for plumbing marketing.




When using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing or any social media site for that matter you must optimize your profile. LinkedIn provides ample space for optimization so make sure your profile is complete and optimized with your keywords. This will help your search ranking and also help you appear in LinkedIn search results, which can be quite extensive when using the advanced search option.


plumbing marketing

The advanced search option offered by LinkedIn is a huge asset for your plumbing marketing.


Create A Showcase Page


LinkedIn allows you to create a showcase page, which is a separate page attached to your LinkedIn profile that can promote a specific product or be used to target a particular audience. A LinkedIn showcase page acts much like a Facebook fan page. LinkedIn users have the ability to follow a showcase page without them being contacts.


Post Updates


Posting updates is part of using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing. Posting your content to your LinkedIn page will give users more of a reason to follow you and help you grow your reach. LinkedIn even allows you to target your posts. Being able to specify who your posting to allows your updates to be more effective and increases engagement.


Run A Paid Ad


If you are looking for a little boost when using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing consider running a paid ad with LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to be highly specific when targeting your campaigns, which increases the likelihood that your ad will get in front of the people who need to see it. After all when you are spending money on plumbing marketing you want it to be effective.


plumbing marketing

Highly targeted ads make using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing effective and efficient.


Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn groups are an important part of using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing. You can join groups or even create your own group. When you are a part of a LinkedIn group you can contact those group members directly without having to be a first degree connection. You can also post your content to these specific groups allowing for more visibility and engagement.


There are many other benefits of using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing. Studies show that LinkedIn generates the highest lead to conversion ratio of all the social media sites, which makes since given the social nature of LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer for your plumbing marketing. Learn more about using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing at


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