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Getting The Most Exposure on LinkedIn for Plumbing Marketing

November 22nd, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »



LinkedIn for plumbing marketing

LinkedIn for plumbing marketing

LinkedIn is a very useful tool when it comes to plumbing marketing. Having a LinkedIn profile helps boost your search ranking, allows you the opportunity to network with other professionals, and give you credibility. Perhaps a LinkedIn profile is already a part of your plumbing marketing plan, but are you using it to its fullest capacity? Here are some tips to help you master LinkedIn for your plumbing marketing.



  • First of all when it comes to getting the most exposure on LinkedIn be sure to add a LinkedIn profile badge to your website. You already have links pointing to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to be sure to include a link to your LinkedIn profile as well.


  • Customize your profile URL. This is really easy to do and makes your LinkedIn profile look more professional. Simply go to the edit section of your profile, you will find the area to edit your public profile URL in the right hand margin.


    LinkedIn for Plumbing Marketing

    Edit your public profile URL

  • Don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Optimizing and SEO are a very important part of plumbing marketing and should be done at every opportunity, even your LinkedIn profile. Optimize your headline or your summary section.


  • A great way to gain exposure and credibility on LinkedIn is to display samples of your work. You can ad pictures or videos of recent plumbing jobs completed as part of an update or even join a group and post to group discussions.


  • When growing your network LinkedIn allows you to be very specific when it comes to searching for your target audience. This makes growing your network with qualified candidates really easy. LinkedIn even allows you to save up to 3 searches making LinkedIn even more easy to use for plumbing marketing purposes.


  • A great part about using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing is the endorsement section. Endorsements only help give you more credibility. You can ask you network to endorse you for different skill sets you have listed on your LinkedIn profile. Many people will happily provide you with endorsements. A great way to boost endorsements is to be sure your profile is complete. Also it doesn’t hurt to endorse a few of your connections either. You scratch their back they will return the favor!


LinkedIn is one of the most used social networking sites which makes it a good choice for your plumbing marketing. By optimizing your LinkedIn experience you can really help improve your plumbing marketing results and grow plumbing business! To learn more about using LinkedIn for plumbing marketing at

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