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5 Tips for Using Hashtags for Plumbing Marketing

December 13th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Hashtags have become a social media phenomenon. what started out as a way to organize conversations on Twitter has now been adopted by almost every other social media site. Social media users use hashtags for a variety of things and so it only makes sense to use hashtags for plumbing marketing. However due to the endless possibilities when it comes to using hashtags for plumbing marketing you want to make sure you are using them correctly. Here are 5 tips to help you use hashtags for plumbing marketing.


hashtag for plumbing marketing

Many Social Media Sites now use Hashtags

  1. Keep hashtags short and sweet

    Hashtags are meant to be short and to the point, and an easy way for users to contribute to a conversation or topic they share a mutual interest in. Hashtags that are too long can a) be really confusing and b) take up too much space. Twitter only allows 140 characters for tweets, and if your hashtag is too long it doesn’t leave enough space for contributors to add their message. So when using hashtags for plumbing marketing keep your hashtag short and to the point.


  2. Don’t over hashtag

    When using hashtags for plumbing marketing it is important to maintain balance. Avoid using too many hashtags in any given post. While you want to include hashtags that are relevant to your post, you don’t want to give too many options for others users to get distracted. Instead choose 1 or 2 hashtags that are most relevant.


  3. Hashtags are not just for Twitter

    In fact many other social media sites now use hashtags. Hashtags help strengthen a brand and so when using hashtags for plumbing marketing it is best to use the across the board to help create a recognizable brand.


  4. Don’t jump on a trending hashtag bandwagon

    When it comes to using popular hashtags in your plumbing marketing error on the side of caution. Avoid attaching any popular hashtags that may be connected to a negative situation. While you may garner a lot of exposure there could be some heavy repercussions including negative backlash. Remember as with most things plumbing marketing related, keep things relevant, even hashtags you are using for plumbing marketing. This brings us to #4.


  5. Keep things relevant

    Keeping things relevant is extremely important when using hashtags for plumbing marketing. You want to make sure that a) the hashtag is relevant to your business and b) the hashtag is relevant to the rest of your post. Don’t include a popular hashtag that has nothing to do with your post to gain exposure, this is misleading and will backfire; having the opposite effect your were hoping for.


Hashtags have been around for a while now, and do not appear to be going anywhere any times soon. So if you haven’t started using them for plumbing marketing you may want to consider them. Hashtags are a fun part of plumbing marketing and can help increase your engagement. To learn more about using hashtags for plumbing marketing and other plumbing marketing topics visit our website at


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