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Master Your Keywords for Plumbing Marketing with These 5 Tips

December 19th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Keywords are an important part of your plumbing marketing. Proper implementation of your keywords can have a major impact on your plumbing marketing. In order the get the most out of your keywords you need to carefully consider which keywords you want to rank for, do some research on those keywords, and strategize how you are going to use them.


  1. Identify your keywords

    Consider what keywords you want to use for plumbing marketing. Choose words that are relevant to your business. For best results when selecting keywords for plumbing marketing, make sure the keywords are entirely specific to your company. While a more broader keyword may have more activity it is a more competitive keyword and could result in lower conversion rates. Consider quality over quantity when it comes to selecting keywords for plumbing marketing.


  2. Do your research

The most successful outcomes using keywords for plumbing marketing will come from researched keywords. Once you have identified which keywords you want to rank for in your plumbing marketing you need to research their effectiveness. You can consult your Google analytics to monitor how any given keyword is performing. Then you can make necessary charges and gear your plumbing marketing campaign towards what works best.

  1. Balance

    When using keywords for plumbing marketing it is important to maintain a little balance. Do not use keywords just for the sake of using keywords. Keep your wording fluid and easy to read. Keyword stuffing is a practice that is frowned upon by Google and could have ill effects on your plumbing marketing.

     keywords for plumbing marketing

  2. Be engaging

    Using keywords for plumbing marketing is a great way to boost your search ranking however, when it comes to your content strategy and using your keywords make sure that you are creating content that people will find engaging. Content that is created for the sole purpose of using keywords could result in good traffic but low conversion rates. Engagement plays just as much of a role in good conversion rates as does the properly placed keywords.


  3. Routine maintenance

    A keyword strategy requires a little maintenance. You need to constantly stay on top of your keyword research and think about new keywords you can use. Trends are constantly changing and in order to get the best results with your plumbing marketing you want to achieve the highest level of exposure and that may mean changing up your keywords every once in a while.


Deciding on your keywords for plumbing marketing should be one of the first steps in creating your plumbing marketing plan. To learn more about selecting the right keywords for plumbing marketing visit our website at

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