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3 Tips to Help You Improve Your Plumbing Marketing for 2015

December 30th, 2014 by gtowsley Leave a reply »

Plumbing marketing has made some wonderful advances in 2014. For plumbing marketing this year we has spent a lot of time focusing on content and social media. With each year passing comes new advances and changes to plumbing marketing. Staying on top of the latest plumbing marketing trends is the best way to achieve the greatest success for your plumbing marketing. Here are some tips to help you navigate your plumbing marketing in 2015.

  1. Quality Content

Content marketing has become an increasingly important part of online plumbing marketing. With Google ahead of us every step of the way, it has become more important to focus on good quality content; content not only rich in keywords but also engaging. Infiltrating a blog with a bunch of keywords is not longer good enough. Content needs to be relevant and endearing for your audience.


2) Diversity

plumbing marketingAnother focus for your plumbing marketing is 2015 will be diversity. Diversity not only with your social media channels but also with the content you are sharing. Consider switching up your social media strategy with some up and coming social media sites like Snapchat, Chirp, or We Heart It. Diversity is also important when sharing content; blogging, pictures, videos, short video clips, memes and infographics are all have place in your plumbing marketing strategy.


3) Local SEO

SEO play an important part in your plumbing marketing. However more focus on local SEO will make a huge impact on your plumbing marketing. Local SEO helps provide you with more high quality leads that will help increase your conversion rates. You can use local SEO plumbing marketingwithin your content of course, but the biggest bang will come from your local directories, with a methodically written about me or bio section.


A willingness to try new things with your plumbing marketing will help you grow plumbing business. If you are considering upping the game next year with your plumbing marketing, now is an excellent time to do so! To learn more about plumbing marketing and the plumbing marketing services offered by Grow Plumbing, please visit our website at   

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