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4 Tips for Using Social Media for Plumbing Marketing

January 13th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Social media for plumbing marketing is a great way to connect with customers online. You can increase your customer engagement while increasing your search ranking using social media for plumbing marketing. Using social media for plumbing marketing requires some tactical effort, and when creating a plan for using social media for plumbing marketing it is important to have as much information at possible. Here 4 tips for using social media for plumbing marketing to help you better form your social media strategy.



  1. Most Facebook User’s are Mobile User’s

social media for plumbing marketing

B2C,, 01/13/2015

Over 180 million Facebook user’s never access Facebook from a desktop or laptop. What this means for your plumbing marketing is you need to make sure the content you are sharing converts properly for the mobile user. In addition you want to make it easy for mobile users to share your content.


  1. YouTube is More Powerful Than You Think

    social media for plumbing marketingWith many American’s cutting the cord with their traditional cable/satellite providers your find more and more people seeking online sources of entertainment. This makes YouTube a very important component of your social media for plumbing marketing plan. While one video isn’t necessarily going to make a huge dent in your results, a consistent flow of content via YouTube video can help increase your online exposure.


  1.  LinkedIn is a Must!

    Many discredit LinkedIn as being a hub of inactive users, but actually LinkedIn is a very powerful social media platform. LinkedIn is the site for professionals looking to connect with other professionals, so for business networking purposes LinkedIn makes perfect since. LinkedIn offers a lot of great features as well; from blogging to groups, and a pretty extensive advanced search option to really narrow down your target audience.


  2.  Blogging Provides an Excellent Source of Content

 Blogging has become increasingly important when it comes to plumbing marketing. Good quality content is an is an absolute necessity for any successful plumbing marketing plan. For the purposes of using social media for plumbing marketing, blogging provides an excellent source of fresh content to help increase engagement and search ranking. The key to successful blogging efforts is to be consistent with it.


Incorporating social media into your plumbing marketing is an important step. Make sure you do your research on which social media sites best meet your individual needs. To learn more about social media for plumbing marketing please visit our website at

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