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Plumbing Marketing – What Aren’t You Doing?

February 20th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


Growing your plumbing business takes time and effort. If you have recently started to up your plumbing marketing efforts have you considered what you aren’t doing? If you are not reaching the goals you set for your plumbing marketing its time to consider a different approach. By simply tweaking your plumbing marketing strategy you could have great success. So what aren’t you doing in terms of plumbing marketing?


Social Media

social media for plumbing marketingWe have already established how important social media is for your plumbing marketing, and hopefully you have incorporated some kind of social media into your plumbing marketing plan. If for some reason you haven’t or are not having the success you hoped for here are some areas in social media to consider.


  • Your overall presentation – how are you coming across? Consider your profile and cover picture. Do your profile pictures communicate professionalism?


  • Profile completion – have you completed your profiles? Often times people simply skip filling out the bio section which is a huge mistake, not only does this section tell people a little bit about your company, but also provides and excellent place to optimize!


  • Your target audience – are you targeting the right people? When using social media for plumbing marketing its important to target the right people. Avoid targeting people that are less likely to become customers. Focus your efforts on a very specific group for the best results.


  • Updates – how often are you updating your profiles? A constant stream of content is necessary in order to sustain any type of social media effort for plumbing marketing. So if you aren’t updating your profiles at least a couple of times a week its time to rethink your strategy.



We know you have heard it before, but content is king when it comes to plumbing marketing. If you haven’t beefed up your content marketing strategy it is time. Content isn’t going away anytime soon, and is the safest possible way to properly optimize your website and social media profiles without being penalized by the Google algorithm. So start blogging and sharing more content that is relevant, useful and above all else engaging!


Link Building

Yes link building is a thing of the past and is still very important for your plumbing marketing. When it comes to link building for plumbing marketing you want to focus on quality. A great way to do this is to include a links to your website or landing page of your choosing on all of your social media profiles and local directory sites. As well as including a couple of strategically placed links within the content of your blog and status updates. This is considered a more organic way to build links, just be sure that the links you are creating are relevant and of the highest quality.


Local Directories

We can’t stress enough how important local directories are to your plumbing marketing. Not only are local directories beneficial for your link building but they also help you gain visibility, especially with the mobile user (which accounts for a large portion of searches performed today). Its important to monitor your local directory sites for accurate information and to nurture and respond to positive and negative feedback, remember just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it not there. Ignoring bad reviews is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.


plumbing marketing

Remember plumbing marketing is different for everyone. What works for one may not work for another. That’s why Grow Plumbing create a customized plumbing marketing plan that will meet your individual needs. Click here to learn more about plumbing marketing and our services.


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