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3 Plumbing Marketing Tips to Help You With Your Inbound Marketing

February 23rd, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


These days a lot of focus is spent on inbound marketing tactics for plumbing marketing, and with good reason. As trends have changed over the years, we have found that traditional outbound marketing practices are becoming less effective when solely used for plumbing marketing. What this means is that not only should you budget to use outbound marketing techniques but also inbound marketing techniques for your plumbing marketing. With more of an emphasis on inbound marketing these days here are some tips to help you develop a foul proof inbound marketing plan for your plumbing marketing.


  1. Leverage Social Media

    Social media is a very important aspect of inbound marketing. Social media helps you expand your online presence by giving you more visibility and increasing your search ranking. In addition social media is a great place for you to connect and engage with customers. Try several social media sites and see which ones you like best. You don’t have to join every social media site that comes a long but having a diverse portfolio of online profiles will help keep you well rounded in terms of plumbing marketing.


  2. Content

    Content really is king when it comes to inbound marketing. In fact content can single handedly make or break your inbound marketing plan. If you are not providing a steady stream of good quality relevant content then you are completely missing the mark when it comes to inbound marketing. With inbound marketing you have to engage your audience, and one of the best ways to do so is with a good content strategy. Create a blog and update it several times a week and use hootsuite to pre-schedule some status updates for your online profiles to save time.


    inbound marketing

    Content is King

  3. Use Your Reviews to Your Advantage

    Good testimonials and reviews are an excellent source of content. People trust what others have to say about your company. So by incorporating some of your good reviews into your stream of content you not only have a good source of content but you can help build a good rapport and trust with your following. This also helps strengthen your brand, which is an important part of any good inbound marketing strategy.


For the best results for your plumbing marketing efforts its best to incorporate both inbound marketing and outbound marketing strategies. Don’t spend all of your time practicing one technique over another, you risk limiting your exposure that way. By using a little bit of both inbound marketing and outbound marketing you create a more well rounded plumbing marketing plan that appeals to a wider range of people.

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