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Forming Good Habits When Using SEO for Plumbing Marketing

March 9th, 2015 by gtowsley Leave a reply »


SEO plays a huge role in plumbing marketing and getting your website ranked by Google. You know how important SEO is and maybe have implemented an SEO strategy as part of your plumbing marketing plan. While utilizing SEO and keywords is an important part of plumbing marketing you still have to be careful. Certain practices can actually have a negative impact on your plumbing marketing. What worked yesterday may no longer work well today. When using SEO for plumbing marketing its important to stay on top of the trends as search engines evolve and get smarter so do we.


  1. Avoid Over Optimization

    Part of using SEO for plumbing marketing is selecting your keywords and statically placing them throughout the content of your website or blog. This sounds easy enough, however it is really easy to get carried away. When using SEO for plumbing marketing one of the best practices is to make sure that everything reads well. Don’t just use keywords for the heck of it, keep things readable.


    seo for plumbing marketing

    When using SEO for plumbing marketing maintain a balance to avoid being penalized.

  2. Duplicate Content

    In the spirit of keeping things readable we come to your next tip and that is avoiding duplicate content. While duplicating content sounds like and easy way to provide a steady stream of content, it actually can have the opposite effect of what you were hoping to achieve. When it comes to your content strategy its important to keep things unique, relevant and engaging. While you can utilize the same keywords, its important to maintain a balance as well.


  3. Low Quality Links

    If is sounds too good to be true it probably is, especially when it comes to link building. Link building plays a huge role when it comes to using SEO for plumbing marketing, however easy link easy go. We can’t stress enough how important good quality links are for your plumbing marketing. In this case quality over quantity trumps the bill! While this may take a little more time and effort, it really pays off in the long run.


When using SEO for plumbing marketing it is important to form good habits. Remember good results for your plumbing marketing efforts will take a little time and anything that comes to easily will probably not have lasting results. For more information on using SEO for plumbing marketing please visit our website at


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